Richard Hedderick, M.B.A., CFP®

Rick Hedderick, M.B.A.
Associate Teaching Professor, Finance
284 Burke
Mailing Address:
ERIE PA 16563

Mr. Hedderick received his MBA from Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, in 2000 and his Certified Financial Planner™ designation from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. in 2004. Upon graduation from Clarion State University in 1983 with his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, he owned and operated a small retail business in Erie for 16 years. Upon the sale of his business and completion of his MBA degree, Mr. Hedderick began his practice as a financial planner, which he continues today, along with his full-time position here, at Penn State Behrend, as an associate teaching professor in business and the director of the financial planning program. Mr. Hedderick began teaching here part-time in the 2008 spring semester. His teaching interests include Corporate Finance, Personal Financial Planning, Insurance Planning, and Investments.


Courses Taught *

  • FIN 301: Corporation Finance
  • FIN 330: Personal Financial Planning
  • FIN 340: Insurance Planning
  • FIN 420: Investment and Portfolio Analysis


Record of Membership in Professional and Learned Societies

  • The Financial Planning Association, Denver CO, 2004- .
  • The Estate Planning Council of Erie, Erie PA, 2003- .
  • The Erie Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, Erie PA, 2002- .
  • The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants, Middletown OH, 2007-2012

My research interests include Personal Financial Planning, Insurance and Retirement Planning.

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MBA, Business, The Pennsylvania State University

BS, Accounting, Clarion State University