Samuel Nutile, Ph.D.

Samuel Nutile, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Biology
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80A Benson
ERIE PA 16563
Research Interests

Ecotoxicology, Environmental Effects of Pesticides and Industrial Chemicals, Impacts of Multiple Stressors on Ecosystem Health, Environmental Sampling Techniques, Environmental Chemistry


Survey of bioaccessible pyrethroid insecticides and sediment toxicity in urban streams of the northeast United States - November, 2019

Toxicity testing of "eco-friendly" de-icing formulations using Chironomus dilutus, Environmental Pollution - January (1st Quarter/Winter), 2019

Effect of sample holding time on bioaccessibility and sediment ecotoxicological assessments, Environmental Pollution - November, 2018

The Value of Using Multiple Metrics to Evaluate PCB Exposure - April (2nd Quarter/Spring), 2018

Advancing the use of passive sampling in risk assessment and management of sediments contaminated with hydrophobic organic chemicals: Results of an international ex situ passive sampling inter-laboratory comparison, Environmental Science and Technology - February 28, 2018

Effects of type and quantity of organic carbon on the bioaccessibility of polychlorinated biphenyls in contaminated sediments, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry - January (1st Quarter/Winter) 9, 2018

Optimization of Tenax Extraction Parameters for Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Contaminated Sediments, Talanta - November, 2017

Methodological and environmental impacts on bioaccessibility estimates provided by single-point tenax extractions, Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology - April (2nd Quarter/Spring), 2017

The robustness of single-point Tenax extractions of pyrethroids: Effects of the Tenax to organic carbon mass ratio on exposure estimates, Chemosphere - March, 2017

Do pyrethroid-resistant Hyalella azteca have greater bioaccumulation potential compared to non-resistant populations? Implications for bioaccumulation in fish, Environmental Pollution - January (1st Quarter/Winter), 2017

Tenax Extraction as a Simple Approach to Improve Environmental Risk Assessments, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry - July (3rd Quarter/Summer), 2015

Tenax Extraction of Sediments to Estimate Desorption and Bioavailability of Hydrophobic Contaminants: A Literature Review, Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management - November, 2014


Ph D, Zoology, Southern Illinois University

MS, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Purdue University

BS, Biology, Hillsdale College