Samuel Nutile, Ph.D.

Samuel Nutile, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Biology
80A Benson

Mailing Address:
ERIE PA 16563

Ecotoxicology, Environmental Effects of Pesticides and Industrial Chemicals, Impacts of Multiple Stressors on Ecosystem Health, Environmental Sampling Techniques, Environmental Chemistry

Determining the reusability of Tenax beads (60-80 mesh) in estimates of bioaccessibility using single-point Tenax extractions, Talanta - July 12, 2022
Collaborator: Yucheng Shao, Co-Author

A comparison of activated carbon remediation success in floodplain soils contaminated with DDT and its metabolites using laboratory and in situ experimentation, Environmental Pollution
Collaborators: Amanda Harwood, Co-Author; Adam Simpson, Co-Author

Sampling for Invasive Mysterysnails: Unraveling the Mystery of These Aquatic Invaders, Pennsylvania iMAP Invasives Blog Series
Collaborators: Lynne Beaty, Co-Author; Adam Simspon, Co-Author

The effect of salinity fluctuation in freshwater streams on the fecundity of post-diapause /Chironomus dilutus/, Ecotoxicology - January 22, 2021
Collaborators: Emily Dobry; Grace Schoeniger

Field Evaluation and Modeling Approaches Used to Understand the Transport of Pyrethroid Insecticides out of Pennsylvania Vineyards, Research Journal of Environmental Toxicology - September 1, 2020
Collaborator: Adam Simpson, Co-Author

Utility of normalizing Tenax extractable concentrations for phase volume in application as an environmental screening tool, Chemosphere - July 28, 2020
Collaborators: Amanda Harwood, Co-Author; Federico Sinche, Co-Author

Tenax Extraction Methods to Determine the Bioavailable Contaminant Fraction, Toolbox For Assessment of in situ Bioavailability and Toxicity of Organic Chemical in Aquatic Systems - June, 2020
Collaborator: Amanda Harwood, Author

Bridging the information gap between science and society: A solution to nonpoint source contamination?, Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management - April, 2020
Collaborators: Adam Simpson, Co-Author; Megan Solan, Co-Author

Survey of bioaccessible pyrethroid insecticides and sediment toxicity in urban streams of the northeast United States - November, 2019
Collaborators: Kara Huff Hartz, Author; Courtney Fung, Author; Federico Sinche, Author; Patrick Moran, Author; Peter Van Metre, Author; Lisa Nowell, Author; Michael Lydy, Author

Toxicity testing of "eco-friendly" de-icing formulations using Chironomus dilutus, Environmental Pollution - January, 2019
Collaborator: Megan Solan, Student Author

Effect of sample holding time on bioaccessibility and sediment ecotoxicological assessments, Environmental Pollution - November, 2018
Collaborators: Kara Huff Hartz; Federico Sinche; Courtney Fung; Patrick Moran; Peter Van Metre; Lisa Nowell; Marc Mills; Michael Lydy

The Value of Using Multiple Metrics to Evaluate PCB Exposure - April, 2018
Collaborators: Megan Archer, Author; Amanda Harwood, Author; Kara Huff Hartz, Author; Marc Mills, Author; Jim Garvey, Author; Michael Lydy, Author

Advancing the use of passive sampling in risk assessment and management of sediments contaminated with hydrophobic organic chemicals: Results of an international ex situ passive sampling inter-laboratory comparison, Environmental Science and Technology - February 28, 2018
Collaborators: Michiel Jonker; Stephen van der Heijden; Dave Adelman; Jennifer Apell; Robert Burgess; Yongju Choi; Loretta Fernandez; Geanna Flavetta; Upal Ghosh; Philip Gschwend; Sarah Hale; Mehregan Jalalizadeh; Mohammed Khairy; Mark Lampi; Wenjian Lao; Rainer Lohmann; Michael Lydy; Keith Maruya; Amy Oen; Magdalena Rakowska; Danny Reible; Tatiana Rusina; Foppe Smedes; Yanwen Wu

Effects of type and quantity of organic carbon on the bioaccessibility of polychlorinated biphenyls in contaminated sediments, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry - January 9, 2018
Collaborators: Federico Sinche, Author; Kara Huff Hartz, Co-Author; Peter Landrum, Co-Author; Michael Lydy, Co-Author

Optimization of Tenax Extraction Parameters for Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Contaminated Sediments, Talanta - November, 2017
Collaborators: Federico Sinche; Peter Landrum; Michael Lydy

Methodological and environmental impacts on bioaccessibility estimates provided by single-point tenax extractions, Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology - April, 2017
Collaborators: Amanda Harwood; Federico Sinche; Kara Huff Hartz; Peter Landrum; Michael Lydy

The robustness of single-point Tenax extractions of pyrethroids: Effects of the Tenax to organic carbon mass ratio on exposure estimates, Chemosphere - March, 2017
Collaborators: Amanda Harwood; Federico Sinche; Kara Huff Hartz; Peter Landrum; Michael Lydy

Do pyrethroid-resistant Hyalella azteca have greater bioaccumulation potential compared to non-resistant populations? Implications for bioaccumulation in fish, Environmental Pollution - January, 2017
Collaborators: Leslie Muggelberg; Kara Huff Hartz; Amanda Harwood; Jennifer Heim; Andrew Derby; Donald Weston; Michael Lydy

Tenax Extraction as a Simple Approach to Improve Environmental Risk Assessments, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry - July, 2015
Collaborators: Amanda Harwood; Peter Landrum; Michael Lydy

Tenax Extraction of Sediments to Estimate Desorption and Bioavailability of Hydrophobic Contaminants: A Literature Review, Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management - November, 2014
Collaborators: Michael Lydy; Amanda Harwood; Peter Landrum

Ph D, Zoology, Southern Illinois University

MS, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Purdue University

BS, Biology, Hillsdale College