Thomas Cameron, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Mathematics
87 Benson
Mailing Address:
ERIE PA 16563

Thomas R. Cameron is an assistant professor of Mathematics at Penn State Behrend. He is a passionate mathematics teacher and scholar whose interests lie at the intersection of algebraic graph theory, data science, and numerical analysis. In particular, his work has made notable contributions to the area of matrix polynomials, the numerical solution of polynomial equations, the characterization of digraphs, and the rankability of data.

Numerical linear algebra: study of matrix polynomials, the non-linear eigenvalue problem, and the numerical solution of polynomial roots; Algebraic graph theory: study of graphs using the algebraic properties of their associated matrices; Rankability of data: study of data and its inherent characteristics that make it more or less suitable for ranking

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Collaborator: Stef Graillat

On the Laplacian spread of digraphs, Linear Algebra and its Applications - May, 2023
Collaborators: Wayne Barrett; Emily Evans; H. Tracy Hall; Mark Kempton

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Collaborators: Aida Abiad; Boris Brimkov; Jane Breen; Himanshu Gupta; Ralihe Villagran

On a compensated Ehrlich-Aberth method for the accurate computation of all polynomial roots, Electronic Transactions of Numerical Analysis - March 21, 2022
Collaborator: Stef Graillat

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Collaborators: Tracy Hall; Ben Small; Alex Wiedemann

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Collaborators: Sebastian Charmot; Jonad Pulaj, Co-Author

On the restricted numerical range of the Laplacian matrix for digraphs, Linear and Multilinear Algebra - April 9, 2020
Collaborators: Michael Robertson; A. Wiedemann, Co-Author

On the graph Laplacian and the rankability of data, Linear Algebra and its Applications - March 1, 2020
Collaborators: A. N. Langville, Co-Author; H. C. Smith, Co-Author

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Collaborator: P. J. Psarrakos, Co-Author

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Collaborator: P. J. Psarrakos, Co-Author

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On the reduction of matrix polynomials to Hessenberg form, Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra - February 5, 2016

Spectral bounds for matrix polynomials with unitary coefficients, Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra - February 8, 2015

Ph D, Mathematics, Washington State University

MS, Mathematics, Washington State University

BS, Mathematics, The University of Minnesota Duluth

AA, General Liberal Arts, Century College