Valerica Vlad, Ph.D.

Valerica Vlad, Ph.D.
Associate Teaching Professor, Economics
258 Burke

Mailing Address:
ERIE PA 16563


Courses Taught *

  • ECON 104 (formerly ECON 004): Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy
  • ECON 304: Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis
  • ECON 470 (formerly ECNS 470): International Trade and Finance
  • ECON 481 (formerly ECNS 460): Business Forecasting Techniques 


Participation in Seminars and Workshops

  • China in a Global Economy and Economic Issues Between China and U.S. Session Chair and Panel Discussant. MBAA International, annual meeting, Chicago IL, March 2011.
  • Missouri Valley Economic Association, annual meeting:
    • Chair, International Finance. Kansas City MO, October 2007.
    • Discussant:
      • Foreign Direct Investment, Infrastructure, and Globalization: Theoretical and Empirical Analysis. Kansas City MO, October 2007.
      • An Empirical Analysis of House Prices: Hedonic Valuation. Minneapolis MN, October 2006.
  • Penn State College Teaching Seminar Series. Center for Teaching and Educational Technologies, Penn State Erie, Erie PA: 
    • Recipient, College Teaching Workshop Certificate, 2007.

Speaking Engagements

  • Lifeless Incentives and Failure of Command Economies. Jefferson Educational Society, 2011.
  • Suppressed Markets, Black Markets and the Collapse of Communism in Romania. Economics and Liberty Lecture Series, 2011.

Other Activities

  • Research assistant, Rural Development Opportunities. A project funded by Illinois Council on Food and Agricultural Research to build regional general input‑output models to gauge the impact of changes in regional economic variables on the economy of the region. 

"Peace Keeping in a Model of Conflict with Foreign Investments.", Indian Growth and Development Review. - October 3, 2019
Collaborator: Sajal Lahiri, Author

Foreign Direct Investment Flows: An Examination of Its Distribution Among Middle- and Low- Income Countries, Journal of Applied Business and Economics - November, 2013
Collaborators: Gabriel Manrique , Co-Author; Yanping Chong, Co-Author

Peace Dividends in a Trade-theoretic Model of Conflict, Economics Bulletin - February, 2012
Collaborator: Sajal Lahiri, Co-Author

The Relationship between Education and Foreign Direct Investment: Testing the Inverse "U" Shape, European Journal of Economic and Political Studies - 2011
Collaborator: M. Akin

Foreign Investment and Environment in a North-South Model with Cross-border Pollution, Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics - April, 2009
Collaborator: Sajal Lahiri

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Collaborator: M. Akin

Ph D, Economics, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

BS, Economics, The Academy of Economic Studies