Lake Effect, Spring 2007, Volume 11: Another Summer Evening on the Block

Neil Carpathios


Another Summer Evening on the Block

Clothes on the line look bodiless and bored.

Roses dream of jumping down their stems.

A pregnant woman barefoot in grass—
inside her womb a planetarium.

Two old men argue on a porch
over what weighs more—

a laugh or a scream?

The guy in the sports car is thinking of the thigh
of someone he once loved
but wasn’t in love with;
turns on the radio,

forgets what he was thinking.

The neighbor’s cat, brain-damaged
from being locked in a Tupperware tub
by the five-year-old son,

staggers through daisies.

A failed marriage hobbles down the street
on gimpy legs like a broken down mule.
Everybody from their driveway points,

not recognizing it’s theirs.