Lake Effect, Volume 27: "Love Poem to the Wicked Witch of the West"

Love Poem to the Wicked Witch of the West

By Hollie Dugas

You had me at I’ll get you my pretty
Wordless, I watched you generate 
your ball of lightning in the sky 
like a tiny sun-spell—and I knew 
I wouldn’t be going back home. 
If it’s shoes you covet, come here 
and skin their soles from my feet. 
You can hold them all you want—
your darling familiars, they are 
slithering across the yellow 
pavement like the drops 
of my heart to you. 
You are the dark and coy thorn 
in my poppy-dreams. The promise 
of my name entering your spooky, 
cavernous mouth and taking shape 
gets me winding down hell-paths 
where I’m sure to encounter 
your blood pact. Let’s put aside 
the digging of one another’s 
graves and melt our shirts off. 
This heavy bucket of water I lug
around is only foreplay.  Give me 
your tongue like a little bat. 
I’ll disappear with you 
into your black bubble, 
find a hundred vile ways
to become possessed by you.