The English Language Study Center

The English Language Study Center

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English Language Learning for Academic and Professional Advancement

Improve your English, improve your opportunities.

Do you hold a university degree from your home country and need greater English proficiency to practice your profession? Or are you thinking about pursuing a university degree?

The English Language Study Center (ELSC) at Penn State Behrend offers a range of classes and support services that can help you achieve your academic and professional goals.

English and other classes focused for multicultural learners can help you develop the academic reading, writing, grammar, listening, and speaking skills needed to succeed in a university setting. If you already hold a degree, improving your command of spoken and written English will help you return to or advance in your profession.

Using proven placement testing methods, you’ll be placed in the classes that will be most helpful to you. Classes are offered both during the day and evening, and all courses can be taken for credit, which allows qualified students to receive financial aid.

Specifically, the English Language Study Center can help you to improve:

Classwork and tutoring will help you write clear, grammatically correct sentences, which are appropriate for academic writing.

Listening and Speaking
Classwork and mentoring will promote better fluency, pronunciation, note-taking, and more.

Classwork and support can improve your reading speed and comprehension. These skills also help build your vocabulary.

Culture and Conversation Skills
Knowledge and strategies will help you understand and adapt to American culture.

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