ESL Placement and Registration

In order to provide students with the best possible learning opportunities, all students whose home language is not English will be given a placement test. These results will be used to schedule students into the best classes for them. Placement tests take about 90 minutes and will be given on the the following dates: TBA.

Once the results of your placement test are known, advising can begin. If you are advised to take ESL 004 and/or ESL 297, you have the option of registering as a non-credit student at a reduced rate. Students registering as non-credit students should view the information at the Community and Workforce Programs page. The cost for non-credit students is $500.00 per course with additional fees for parking if needed. To register as a non-credit student, please fill out and return the registration form to the listed address.

Non-degrees students will receive a certificate for successfully completing the courses.

If you are a full-time student, you still have the option of taking any of the ESL courses based on the results of your placement test. Your ESL adviser will let you know which courses will be best for you based on your test results. All ESL courses need instructor permission in order to register.


Please check back for the Registration Form.