Game Development minor added.

Game Development minor added.
Credit: Penn State

The United States and global games industry continues to be one of the most diverse and healthy available for job-seekers. In the United States alone, the games industry employs more than 32,000 people across 34 states, reaching a total compensation of over three billion dollars annually. 
As one of a growing number of interdisciplinary programs at Penn State Behrend, students can now opt to enroll in a minor in Game Development.
The Game Development minor is designed to augment any degree at Behrend, and fits nicely into a four-year schedule, augmenting student learning and marketability, and aiding in the completion of general education credits. 
The minor consists of 18 total credits:

9 credits of Breadth courses (100 and 200 level)
6 credits of Depth courses (400 level)
3 credits in a Senior Project course (GAME480)

Students can take these courses in any year of enrollment, but they are designed to be taken in ascending order, as many courses require a prerequisite. 

Topics in Game Development available at Penn State Behrend cover topics reaching from Programming and Artificial Intelligence, to Design and Mechanics.