Annual Exam for Women

​The staff of the Health and Wellness Center is committed to help you develop a greater understanding of gynecological health issues and better prepare you for your woman’s exam.

If you are sexually active and want birth control, an annual exam is recommended. This exam consists of a physical exam, a breast exam, and routine screening for sexually transmitted diseases for women who are or have been sexually active. At 21 years of age, a pelvic exam with a PAP smear may be included as part of the annual exam.

Before your women’s exam, a medical and reproductive history will be taken and your weight, height, blood pressure, and pulse will be recorded. Other information may be requested depending on the reason for your visit. This may include information about your family's history of illness; your past illnesses, surgeries, or pregnancies; details of your menstrual cycle; your sexual history and present method of contraception, and your present health status and habits. This information helps us to determine your health care needs.

In order to obtain an accurate health assessment, please note the following:

  • Do NOT schedule an annual exam when you expect to have your menstrual period.
  • You are encouraged to take a bath or shower before your exam.
  • Avoid putting anything in the vagina 48 hours before the exam. (This includes tampons, douching, and intercourse.)