Final Examinations

Final Examinations



The final exam schedule will be available on the web and LionPATH

Students and faculty at Penn State Behrend are provided personalized final exam schedules. These schedules are available approximately the fifth week of the semester and are available on the LionPATH system. Plans to leave campus at the end of the semester should not be made until the personalized final exam schedules are reviewed.


Final examinations (policy 44-00) fulfill two important academic objectives: student integration of instructional material and end-of-semester evaluation of student achievement. However, valid means other than the final examination also accomplish these objectives (e.g., term paper, final project report, take-home examination, etc.). Course instructors determine which of these methods is best.

In addition, course instructors are expected to:

  • Offer a full schedule of instruction.

  • Schedule no examinations during the last week of classes. (Quizzes and narrowly limited tests may be given.)

  • Schedule final examinations during the established final examination period.

  • When a final examination is not required, request the submission of an alternative means no earlier than the first day of the final examination period.

Final Exam Overload

A final exam overload situation exists if the Registrar's office has scheduled three exams in consecutive periods or within one calendar day (policy 44-25).

  • Overload situations are identified on the student's final exam schedule.

  • Students may elect to take their scheduled exams or request that a final exam be rescheduled.

  • To request relief from an overload situation, students at Penn State Behrend should use the LionPATH "Final Exam Schedule" application.

  • The Registrar's office determines which exam will be rescheduled and notifies the student and the instructor by email