Janet Peters '95 M.B.A.

Janet Peters

Former Executive Director of the Iroquois School District Foundation. Janet earned her M.B.A. at Penn State Behrend in 1995.

About her work: I was in charge of a small foundation for a public school. We had events through the year to fund programs to support teachers, student programs, and scholarships. We helped with the "extras," and assist the staff in creating the best learning environment possible.

Family: Husband, Chuck, three children: Charlie, 21, Katherine, 19, and Lily, 14.

Why she joined the WEC board: Connections and relationships are vital and being able to promote Behrend while also meeting new people and supporting students is a great opportunity.

Respect for mentors: I entered the MBA program right after I graduated from undergraduate school. At the time, many of the students in the MBA program were older and already settled in their careers. They were all very welcoming and patient with me even though I was young and inexperienced. I learned a lot from them.

What she enjoys about her work: I like seeing tangible results in a classroom and giving out scholarships that open doors for graduates.

Pet peeve: When people aren't really listening, but just waiting for their turn to talk.

Most important trait for a professional woman to possess: Nerve. Even when you feel out of your element, just dive in.

What she has learned the hard way: To be kinder to myself.

How she relaxes: Reading, and spending time with my dogs, Perry and Captain.

What you'd be surprised to know about her: I love skydiving.

Treat she couldn't imagine life without: No-bake cookies.

Most interesting place she's visited: This depends on my mood. Nature takes my breath away, but cities are amazing in their own way. I think you can make any place that you visit fascinating if you are truly present there and learn about the area by eating local cuisine, going off the beaten tourist path, and seeing how the locals live.


Janet is happy to connect with you. How to reach her: