Priscilla Hamilton ’78

Priscilla Hamilton

Retired from the United States Army after thirty-three years of active duty. Priscilla attended Behrend from 1974-1976 and finished her degree at University Park in 1978. She is a board member of Behrend’s Council of Fellows and she also serves on Behrend’s development committee as part of Penn State’s fundraising campaign, A Greater Penn State for 21st Century Excellence.

About her job: Since retiring from the Army, I’ve become a “professional” volunteer. I’m involved in a myriad of organizations, and I love it.

Why she got involved in WEC: I believe WEC has the potential to provide a unique networking and mentoring opportunity for women in a professional setting.

On retired life: I get to choose what I get involved with now. Life is very rewarding as I have the flexibility to give back to my community in different ways. I am reveling in this phase of life.

Patience is a virtue: One of my biggest challenges in life is being patient with the decision-making process. It takes a while to get things done.

What she wishes every woman understood: That it’s OK to be the only woman in the room. You have a voice and an opinion, and it should be heard.

What she’s learned the hard way: Even though you may be the best candidate for the next-level job, there are forces that may be working against you. Do the best you can, make a difference wherever you are, and celebrate the successes of others, especially those you are fortunate to mentor.

Best advice she’s ever received: Don’t judge yourself by what other people think of you.

What you’d be surprised to know about her: I have rafted the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, and hiked Hadrian’s Wall Path in the north of England.

Food she couldn’t imagine her life without: Chocolate. I like any kind, but dark chocolate is preferred.

Queen Bee: One of my hobbies is beekeeping. I have six hives and mentor a new beekeeper in the Hives for Heroes program. I also enjoy quilting, especially for the VA Hospice Quilters, and I’m involved in numerous endeavors as an Erie County Master Gardener and a ruling elder in my church. 

Most interesting place she’s visited: I’ve had the opportunity to travel worldwide with my military service, and to live overseas. Without a doubt, Alaska is my favorite place.


Priscilla is happy to connect with you and is open to mentoring. How to reach her: