Meet Penn State Behrend Graduate Emily Wargo

Emily Wargo

Emily Wargo

Credit: Contributed Photo

Major: Marketing

Minors: Management Information Systems and Data Visualization

Hometown: Erie

Scholarships: Provost’s Award, Black Family Excellence and Opportunity Fund, and the Addison H. Gibson Foundation Grant.

On choosing her major: I was interested in Marketing because it offers a broad range of career opportunities. It’s a degree that pairs well with almost any minor or certificate. This allows you to customize your degree to specialize in whatever interests you.

On choosing her minors: I decided to add on a Management Information Systems minor after I took an MIS introductory class. I enjoyed the content and learned how technical skills can be used in the marketing field. I also took a Data Visualization course and learned that I enjoy working in Excel, especially creating graphs with data.

Campus involvement: I was involved in many open houses and other events hosted by the Black School of Business. I represented the Marketing and MIS majors as a Business Ambassador and served on the executive board for the American Marketing Association (Behrend’s marketing club).

Hands-on learning: During my junior and senior years, I worked as a data visualization intern in the area of Corporate Strategy and External Engagement at Penn State Behrend. I worked to learn a visualization platform and create new processes for creating reports with research award data.

What makes her unique: I’m resourceful. Whether it’s with cooking, collecting craft materials, or concisely taking notes, I like to keep things as logically organized as possible, while also consciously thinking about the resources being used, and allocating them in the best way. This applies to my personal relationships, as well, because I have a caring concern for others and enjoy pleasing those in a way that best suits everyone involved.

Top priority: My highest priorities for the coming years are to pay off my student loans and travel. While at Behrend, I have had the chance to explore many outdoor hobbies including hiking, kayaking, and car camping. I’m looking forward to using these newfound skills to explore new places in the coming years.

Emily has accepted a position as a Business Systems Analyst at TEKsystems contracted by PNC.