Reagan James

I am very proud of the relationships I have formed with the faculty. These close relationships have allowed me to make the most of my time at Behrend.

Majors: Dual majoring in Interdisciplinary Business with Engineering Studies (IBE) and Project and Supply Chain Management (PSCM)

Hometown: Spartansburg, Pennsylvania

Scholarships: Penn State Behrend Chancellor’s Scholarship

On choosing Behrend: I chose Behrend because I was interested in the IBE major, and it was a great campus that had small class sizes with the bonus of being close to home.

On choosing his majors: I chose IBE due to its versatility. When I started school, I didn’t really know what career path I wanted to pursue. I was on the fence between mechanical engineering or business. When I learned about the IBE major, it was a perfect blend for me. As I progressed through my college career, I was exposed to Project and Supply Chain management. After discussing it with my adviser, I learned that a dual major in PSCM would only require me to take a few extra classes to graduate with that major. I have been extremely satisfied with my decision to dual major.

Penn State pride: I am very proud of the relationships I have formed with the faculty. These close relationships have allowed me to make the most of my time at Behrend. As a Business Ambassador, I have been able to give advice to incoming students and tell them about the college.

Campus involvement: President, National Society of Business and Engineering club; Secretary, Project and Supply Chain Management club; Treasurer, Entrepreneurship club; Business Ambassador.

What makes him unique: I’m a good communicator. I would say one of my strengths is my ability to connect with everyone I meet. This has opened a lot of doors for me, allowed me to meet a lot of interesting people, and helped me when giving presentations. I also enjoy helping others, specifically in areas that I excel in. If I did well in a class, I often would help students taking the class after me.

What you might be surprised to now about him: I am not a big “sports guy.” Despite playing tons of sports and being a three-sport athlete in high school, I don’t follow any professional sports on TV. It’s not something that I am passionate about watching.

His definition of living a good life: Living a good life means a few things to me: First, and ultimately, life isn’t about money; it’s about relationships, so creating deep bonds and friendships is extremely important. Second, I think everyone has the potential to do great things, but only some people achieve what they are capable of. I want to be able to say that I lived up to my potential. Third, it means being able to have the freedom to do the things that I want to do, when I want, where I want.

Advice for first-year students: Your first year is meant to experience everything that college has to offer. Don’t feel pressured to join any clubs right away or feel like you are lost or behind. Relax, and just take it all in. By the end of the second semester, you will have a new perspective on things, which will enable you to choose the path right for you. Also, always think about how you can improve your résumé. Don’t wait until your last semester!

Parting thoughts: Don’t think that everyone has it all figured out. Even the people who look like they have it all together still have things that they are worrying about. No one is perfect. People often say that college is the place to find yourself, but I think college is the place to build yourself. It’s great to find out what you like and dislike, but don’t forget that the skills and habits that you develop in college will be the ones you’ll be equipped with when you take your first step into the real world.

Reagan is applying to many companies, looking to find the best fit for his skills, interests, and ambitions.