Scientific Cooling - Course Description

Scientific Cooling: Mathematical Water Efficiency Analysis

Fee: $1,350


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Register for August 1–2, 2023

Educational Goals

Participants will learn to analyze heat energy and the mold cooling management required to produce consistent, profitable parts. Participants systematically challenge the design of new molds and uncover molds through a development of best practices for mold.

Who Should Attend

This two-day course is tailored for designers, mold builders, tooling engineers, and mold technicians who want to understand and control the effects of mold cooling resulting in a more robust mold design, mold build, and molding process.

Course Outline

  • Learn energy principles in relation to specific polymers
  • Understand how Heat Transfer and Energy Flow affect part quality and cycle time
  • Create Heat Budget and Balancing using Energy Flow calculations
  • Understand Reynolds Number’s relationship to Turbulent Flow
  • Learn Turbulent Flow’s impact on sustainable molding practices
  • Study the 3 R’s of Scientific Cooling to develop and maintain efficient cooling setup and processes
  • Review coolant delivery and distribution principles
  • Discover water chemistry’s effect on cooling efficiency
  • Participate in “Hands-On” activities to reinforce learning objectives