Find Technology Training at Penn State (login)

Penn State offers faculty and staff free training opportunities on a variety of technology topics.  Training may be conducted in-person at University Park or delivered via Zoom (a video conferencing system accessed via your web browser).

To find technology training, you can simply login to the Learning Resource Network (LRN) and search for the desired training.

  1. Login to LRN at
  2. At the home page, click on the Faculty, Staff, & Wage button.
  3. Click the Login with Access Account button.
  4. Click the Events Calendar button.
  5. To search by keyword, type a topic into the Title search box (on the left).  (Example:  Office 365)
    To search by subject, click on Add Subject(s) Filters (on the left).  Then click the plus sign next to the desired subject category.  (Example:  Technology)  Then click the plus sign next to the subject.  (Example:  Office 365)  Click the Done button.
  6. Scroll through the months to find the session that best fits your schedule.  
    Note:  Don't forget to check the delivery method, i.e. whether the session is offered at U.P. or via Zoom.  This information is located under the session title when in calendar view.
  7. Click on a session to find out more details about the training or to register.
    1. If sessions are available for that topic, the dates and times are listed at the bottom of the screen.
    2. To register for training, click the Request button.  You will be sent additional details via email.
  8. To logout, click the Gear button (top, right corner of screen) and select Logout.