Instructions to Obtain an Access Account

A  four-step process is required to successfully provision an account for a new user. 

Step 1 - Request Account via Online Form

The new employee or a department staff must submit an on-line application (link is external) for an Access Account  (On the Forms and Links page, select item #4, i.e. Access Account Application for Faculty and Staff (online form).

The form will ask for the new employee’s full name, source of ID and number (ID source is not needed to process), date of birth, PSU ID, home address, phone number, and external email. Click the “Order Now” button to submit the request.

Step 2 - Confirmation and Activate Account

An email will be sent to the person sending the request with a Request (REQ) number. This confirms that Accounts received the request in SNOW (Service NOW), and the request status can be checked through this request number. 

After the account is created, the new employee will receive an email to activate the account by the link provided. They will need to verify their identity, agree to the PSU Access Account policies, set up three security questions/answers, and set up their password.  When this is complete, the employee will receive a confirmation email to their personal/external account. After that, all PSU emails will be sent to their PSU account.

If the new employee fails to activate their account correctly, they will need to contact Michelle Brown or Todd Say (814-217-4357) to request another activation email via DIMC. (Digital Identity Management Center is the Software application used to manage staff, faculty, and student Access Accounts.)

Step 3 - Notify Supervisor of User ID

Department staff will receive an email of the request and be able to look up the new employee’s userid; or the new employee will need to notify their staff of user ID created. 

Step 4 - Request Access to Behrend Computers and Resources

Department staff or new user:  To receive local, Behrend resources (drives, etc.) once an Access Account is active and working, please complete the IT Request Ticket for a New Hire.  

Complete this form and select “order” to request. This will generate a work order to the Behrend IT staff to give needed local resource accesses.