Get Connected to One PSU

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Get Connected to One PSU (or Get Connected for short) is an initiative to provide more options and flexibility for mobile computing, collaboration, and the use of additional Office 365 tools.  This will involve a series of updates to your accounts and PCs/Macs. The target date for completion is December 2019.  

Penn State Behrend Information Technology Services Get Connected to One PSU with software names: OneDrive, Forms, Yammer, Outlook, Teams, Jabber, Windows 10, Single Sign-on, and more!

The initiative involves three paths which are explained below. These paths are separate and do not follow any set sequence.  Prior to starting one of the paths, BITS will contact you (or your department) to determine when we can schedule your "Get Connected" time slot.  The schedule (which is subject to change) is posted below and shows the the time slots for departments/schools.

BITS will also provide short training sessions to introduce Teams and OneDrive to the college community.  These opportunities will be announced via email.  In addition, there are some excellent resources for a quick overview of Teams and OneDrive.  For example, you can learn the basics of Teams in just 11 minutes!


There are a number of advantages of “getting connected”.  These include:

  • Single Sign-on – Login to your computer and access most University resources with your email user ID and password.
  • Cloud Storage – Access your files from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Files On Demand – Windows 10 upgrade makes it possible to obtain files on demand.
  • Jabber SoftPhone – Use your PC or mobile device to make and answer office phone calls, access voice mail, and more.
  • Document Collaboration – Multiple people can edit a document in real-time.


These are the 3 paths which are involved in the Get Connected initiative.

Software Path

The update is mostly behind-the-scenes and updates your Office 365 software on your computer.  This update will allow multiple users the ability to edit a document at the same time.

Department Path

In this pathway, BITS will assist with the migration of your departmental drive (X-Drive) to a departmental Teams site.  Once complete, your department will gain associated Team calendars and University-wide chat functionality.

Personal Data Path

This path will have the most impact within your office since we are bundling several steps together.  These steps include:  1) Assist you with moving your personal drive (P-Drive) to Microsoft's OneDrive (cloud storage), 2) Simplify your login to PSU machines, 3) Update any older operating systems to Windows 10, and 4) Synchronize your recently moved cloud files to your local machine making it even easier to access your files.

Access in the Classroom

Faculty often used their P-Drive for in-class instruction, assignment drop boxes, and sharing files with students.  You can still do these things, but instead of using your P-drive (which will no longer be available once you've completed the three paths), there are other alternatives.  These include:

Labs and Students

Lab systems not currently at Windows 10 will be upgraded to this version by the fall semester.  Student file storage will transition from the P-Drive to the University's PASS space (X-Drive) and to OneDrive; this transition will occur during summer and fall of 2019.  The students' P-Drives will then become read-only and be available until late fall semester (after which the P-Drive storage space will be decommissioned).

Also, “Project space” is relocating to a new location to reflect the University’s migration to a central Active Directory.  Please submit a ticket to request group restricted file shares.  Faculty, staff, and students will be able to see and access only data for which they have permissions on the mapped S-Drive from all campus systems.

Training Sessions

Throughout the year, BITS will hold short informational or training sessions to introduce Teams and OneDrive.  Please watch your mail for upcoming events and helpful documentation.


Getting Started

  • Set Up OneDrive (PDF | Word) - Please refer to this document when BITS indicates that your PC has been prepared to begin this process.
  • Get Connected User Guide (PDF | Word) - Once your computer has gone through all 3 paths, please refer to this document to get started.
  • Office 365 Tips (PDF | Word) - This document provides explanations and step-by-step instructions for topics such as AutoSave and Version History (Word, Excel, etc.), Sharing Folders/Files from OneDrive, Teams vs. Groups, Teams (including sharing folders/files and managing notifications), Groups, and Distribution Lists.
  • LinkedIn Learning - You can search the video library to find tutorials for Office 365 applications.


  • Check out the FAQ which addresses commonly asked questions about Office 365, including Word, Outlook, Chat, and Teams.


If you would like to learn more about Teams and how to use and manage them, check out the resources below --- especially the first 5 videos.  In about 11 minutes, you can learn the basics!

  1. Welcome to Microsoft Teams [2m:30s] - This brief video provides a quick tour of Teams.  This is a good place to start.
  2. Get Your Team Up and Running [2m:20s] - Learn how to create teams and channels in this video.
  3. Work in Channels (i.e using chat) [1m:45s] – This video explains how to use the chat feature.
  4. Add Tools with Tabs [2m:07s] - Brief video which provides an overview of how to add tabs to channels.
  5. Go-to Guide for Team Owners [2m:41s] - This video explains how to manage your team, such as adding or removing members, adding co-owners, archiving inactive teams, and more.
  6. Guidance for Setting Up Teams, Channels, and Tabs [4m:10s] 
  7. Microsoft Teams Video Training - A collection of videos that covers a variety of topics.
  8. Microsoft Teams Help Center - Find training (instructor-led or videos), helpful tips, and download Teams app for your devices.
  9. Penn State IT Learning & Development - Type “teams” into the search box to find training.
  10. Teams Quick Start
  1. Teams (Microsoft) [55m:41s] - Provides an overview of teams, along with examples of use cases for faculty, staff, and students.
  2. Teams Meeting Tips - Helpful tips for participating in a Teams meeting.


Learn more about OneDrive storage through these articles and videos.

  1. OneDrive Training - This is a collection of short videos and how-to articles explaining OneDrive basics.  (Refer to the Work/School section of training.)
  2. What do the OneDrive icons mean?
  3. OneDrive Quick Start
  4. Set Up One Drive on Your Phone or Tablet
  5. Use the OneDrive Mobile App


This app helps you to plan, organize and assign tasks, share files, and get progress updates.

  1. Penn State IT Learning & Development - Type “planner” into the search box to find training.
  2. Microsoft Planner - How-to articles which explain the basics of how to use Planner.
  3. Planner Quick Start
  4. Planner Basics (U.P.) - This one-hour session provides an introduction to the basic concepts and features of Planner.  (Note:  There are several minutes of silence at the beginning of each recording as things were being set up --- just fast forward to the time mark of 3m:55s.)


This app allows you to capture notes by typing, drawing, or writing and helps you to keep them organized.

  1. Ways to Use OneNote Notebooks
  2. OneNote Quick Start
  3. OneNote Basics (U.P.) - This one-hour session provides an introduction to the basic concepts and features of OneNote.  (Note:  There are several minutes of silence at the beginning of each recording as things were being set up --- just fast forward to the time mark of 13m:15s.)


You can quickly create surveys and polls and see the results in real-time.

  1. Forms Quick Start
  2. Penn State IT Learning & Development - Type “Microsoft Forms” into the search box to find training.


This social networking tool provides a means to connect and share with people across the University.  Join an existing group or create your own to ask questions, share ideas, and collaborate with others. 

  1. Yammer Quick Start
  2. Penn State IT Learning & Development - Type “yammer” into the search box to find training.


This is a preliminary schedule and is subject to change.

Start Date End Date Departments/Schools
3/1/2019 3/26/19

Bursar - Complete
Educational Equity & Diversity - Complete
Information Technology Services - Complete
Personal Counseling - Complete
Student Activities - Complete
Student Affairs - Complete
Smith Chapel & Carillon - Complete

3/27/19 4/30/19

Health & Wellness - Complete
HSS (staff) - Complete
SOB (staff) - Complete
WP$E - Complete
Young Peoples Chorus - Complete

5/1/19 5/25/19

ENG (staff) - Complete
Admissions - Complete
HSS (faculty) - InProgress
SCI (staff) - Complete
YEO - Complete

5/26/19 6/19/19 Chancellors-Complete
SOB (faculty)-InProgress
Strategic Communications-Complete
Registrar - Complete
SCI (faculty)-InProgress
6/20/19 7/14/19 Operations - Complete
ROTC - Complete
Police and Safety - Complete
Library - Complete
Human Resources - Complete
7/15/19 8/8/19

ACPC - Complete
ENG (faculty) - Inprogress
Athletics (staff & coaches) - Complete
Nursing - Complete
Maintenance - Complete
World Campus - Complete

8/9/19 9/2/19 Center for eLearning Initiatives
Finance - Complete
Center for Teaching and e-Learning Initiatives
CORE - Complete
Learning Resource Center - InProgress
9/3/19 9/27/19 Center For Adults Students - Complete
Sustainable Food Service - Complete
Early Learning Center - Complete
9/28/19 10/22/19 Mail Services - Complete
Copy Center
Sea Grant
? ? To be announced at a later date