Introducing the Vision of a Behrend Graduate

Penn State Behrend has a history and future of developing thinkers, creators, and innovators who build opportunities out of challenges, competence out of curiosity, and proficiency out of potential.

We produce graduates who are prepared for success in their professions, passionate about their work, and committed to lifelong learning; who are open to new experiences and diverse perspectives; and who possess interdisciplinary knowledge and a global and ethical outlook–all critical to thriving in an ever-changing world.

We empower our students through highly engaged instruction, research, and out-of-class opportunities, combined with a distinctive Open Laboratory model of learning and discovery that connects students to business, industry, alumni, and community partners–giving them real-world experiences while benefitting these partners.

With purpose, we develop graduates who are widely recognized for the contributions they make to their professions, their communities, and the world around them.