Director's Message

A portrait of Greg Filbeck, the new director of the Black School of Business at Penn State Berhend

Greetings from the Black School of Business. The 2020- 2021 academic year is far from typical because of the global pandemic— but for us, as much as normality is possible, we are proud of how we are moving forward to create the best possible experience for our students.

Our professional development and mentoring programs are all virtual right now. What used to be “Corporate Days,” in which professionals from a dozen or so companies joined us for a day of class presentations, meetings with faculty and students, and time for students to discuss internship and job opportunities, has shifted to a virtual one-hour series of “Corporate Spotlights.” In these sessions, companies, many of which, as it happens, would have been unable to travel to the college under normal conditions, present to students about career opportunities. At the same time, Black School of Business Advisory Board members have contributed to a video series on professional development.

We have expanded our career networking days to more areas. In several of our academic programs, we are holding daylong events that feature panel discussions and networking opportunities—with panelists from around the country participating virtually. Our student clubs have not missed a beat. They’re now conducting their meetings virtually. Mentors from our professional development, academic, and cross-cultural programs meet with their mentees using an online format for structured activities.

In other words, we have done as so many businesses have done: We have adapted. Many of the changes we have made will likely continue after the pandemic ends. Our faculty, who have led online education trends for two decades, have more tools available to them now than ever before. This fall, with 2.5 percent year-over-year growth in headcount for students touched by our programs, we are at an all-time enrollment high of almost 2,100 students. We thank you for your support.

Dr. Greg Filbeck,
Director of the Black School of Business