Director's Message

Dr. Timothy Kurzweg

Dr. Timothy Kurzweg
Director, School of Engineering

Credit: Contributed Photo

Well, that was tough … really tough. But we made it. Professors taught. Students learned. Research continued. Our seniors graduated (in-person!) and got jobs.

Yep, we made it. Wait, I take that back. All things considered, we crushed it.

As we closed out the toughest academic year in recent history, we remained focused on the positives. Our faculty proved again and again their concern, compassion, and creativity, while maintaining the rigor of their courses. Our students kept their commitment to learn, through both in-person and remote instruction. Our staff supported our students and faculty to make this as productive a year as possible.

And we have maintained, albeit in a different way, our traditions. Check out our online Fasenmyer Senior Showcase. You’ll see that we found a new, exciting way to share our students’ hard work and successes!

As we focus on the positive, we nevertheless acknowledge the strain that this year put on all of our students, faculty, and staff. Every one of us likely experienced stress, disorientation, and fatigue as we worked to balance work/school life and home life. Many of our students were challenged by the situation—we know that—and we admire their perseverance. We came together as a community and supported one another. It is that spirit that makes me so proud.

We look forward to Fall 2021, when signs point to our being back in person. From what I’ve seen this past year, we will be prepared for it—no matter what we may face. I’m confident that, once again, we will crush it.