Advice for Majors

Advice for Majors

It is important that you take the required finance courses in sequence during the semester recommended. Otherwise you will fall behind and delay graduation for a year.

Before your fifth semester you must complete the prerequisites for FIN 301:

  • ACCTG 211
  • ECON 102 and/or ECON 104 (if only one has been taken, the other must be taken concurrently with FIN 301)
  • SCM 200

In your fifth semester (fall of junior year) you must take:

  • FIN 301 (offered summer, spring, and fall)

In your sixth semester (spring of junior year) you must take:

  • FIN 451 - this course is also being offered in the fall
  • FIN 420 - (offered only in the spring)
  • ACCTG 305 - (offered only in the spring and is a prerequisite for ACCTG 426, which is only offered in the fall) or ACCTG 371 (if a joint finance/accounting major--to satisfy requirements for accounting major-- if taking ACCTG 371, you MUST take ACCTG 472 to satisfy requirements)

In your seventh semester (Fall of senior year) you must take:

  • Finance elective(s) -- approved FIN 400 level electives (not FIN 494 or FIN 495) -- will need two before graduation
  • ACNTG 426 (offered only in fall)
  • In sixth or seventh semester, take FIN 451
  • FIN 471

Note: FIN 451 is also offered in the fall.

In your eighth semester (spring of senior year) you must take:

  • Finance elective(s) -- approved FIN 400 level electives (not FIN 494 or FIN 495) -- will need two before graduation
  • MGMT 471W

Unless otherwise noted, these courses must be taken in the semester indicated in order for you to graduate on time!

Other Important Recommendations:

  • Complete FIN 301, MKTG 301, MGMT 301 and SCM 310 prior to your eighth semester.
  • These are prerequisites for MGMT 471W. You will not get into MGMT 471W if you have not completed those four courses by your eighth semester.
  • ECON 351 is usually offered in the fall semester. If you choose ECON 351 as your economics supporting course, you can take it in your fifth or seventh semester. If you are an honors student, it is strongly recommended that you take ECON 485 (econometrics) as a business-supporting course.
  • You should take 15 credits from one area of non-business supporting courses. See your advisor if you want to take a non-business supporting course that is not on the approved list.
  • If you are doing a minor in Accounting or Economics, or a double major in Finance and one of those two majors (Accounting or Economics), you can use two of the courses required for that minor/major as business supporting courses.
  • Two courses from the Certificate in Financial Planning program can be used to fulfill the business supporting course requirement.
  • Successfully completing FIN 301 with a minimum grade of "C" is required for graduation. Earning a minimum grade of "D" is required in order to take courses requiring FIN 301 as a prerequisite.
  • ACCTG 305 (for all finance majors NOT double majoring in accounting) OR ACCTG 371 and ACCTG 472 (for joint finance and accounting majors).
  • Although not recommended, students who fall out of sequence with their FIN courses may take FIN 461 without having completed FIN 420.