Advice for General Business Majors

Advice for General Business Majors

There are some significant differences in the program requirements for our business associate degree program (2GBBC) versus our baccalaureate business programs. The following are differences that are often overlooked.

MATH 021 will meet the math requirement for the 2GBBC. However, if you should decide to continue your studies and pursue a B.S. degree, you will need MATH 110. MATH 021 will meet the prerequisite requirement for SCM 200.

Unlike our B.S. programs, the 2GBBC degree requires the attainment of a minimum "C" grade in ACCTG 211, MIS 204, and SCM 200. If you earn less than that minimum grade, you must repeat the course.

All major programs in the School of Business require a three-credit writing across the curriculum course (as indicated by a "W" suffix on course number). For the 2GBBC degree this requirement must be met through a general education class and students are urged to fulfill this requirement through a humanities (GH), science (GN) or art (GA) class within the first two semesters, if possible. This "W" requirement is in addition to ENGL 202D.

Students will not be awarded the 2GBBC degree if they plan to continue to pursue a 4-year degree, without interruption, to obtain a Baccalaureate degree in business.