2019-20 Marketing Newsletter

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New Things Going on in the Major

Mary Beth Pinto

Students enrolled in the fall 2019 Marketing Research course (MKTG 342) taught by Dr. Richard Vann, assistant professor of marketing, had the opportunity to work with the Behrend Sustainable Food System Program. The client was looking to create awareness of their efforts and generate student interest on campus. Students utilized this opportunity to learn and practice how to define a research problem, design survey items, analyze research data, visualize data insights, and present research results.

The result was a survey created by the students that allowed the class to generate insights on how to best get student participation and interest in the program. These insights were presented at the client poster presentation fair, where students gave short presentations to the client and other members of the Behrend community. The presentation fair was included in the events celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day at Behrend.

Our spring term has been a whirlwind of activity. COVID-19 has turned the academic plans of our faculty and students upside down. But the Marketing Department remains strong as we finish out the term via remote learning. I am impressed by the commitment and perseverance of our marketing faculty and students who are doing their best under strange and unfamiliar circumstances.

Our students are learning about the true meaning of a "defining moment"—those times in our lives that can shape the character, the attitudes, and the values of a generation. I ask you to look for the rays of goodness that are all around us. Claim that goodness! Be grateful. Reflect on how these uncertain times will make us stronger and better for the future. Blessings to all.

Be well,

Mary Beth Pinto, Ph.D.
Discipline Lead Marketing Major


Faculty Spotlight

Kristen McAuley, Lecturer in Marketing 

Kristen McAuley

Kristen McAuley, M.S., is completing her third year as a lecturer in marketing at Penn State Behrend. Ms. McAuley teaches MKTG 301: Principles of Marketing, MKTG 422: Advertising & Promotion Management, and MKTG 480: Social Media Marketing.

What do you most want marketing students to know?

Marketing is such a diverse field. Students can study any aspect of marketing that interests them and find a career in that area. Every company needs marketers. Sports teams need markers, banks need markers, schools need marketers. Marketing skills are always in demand!

What non-marketing jobs have you held?

What surprising skills were transferable to marketing? I was a communications major in college and was interested in video production and digital design. I started off my professional career as a communication coordinator and learned that my copywriting and video production skills were useful to the marketing field. Creativity is important to me and I’m glad I could transfer those creative skills to my current role at Penn State Behrend.

Alumni Spotlights

Bill Roundtree ’08 

Bill Roundtree

Bill graduated with a bachelor's degree in Marketing and a Minor in Management Information Systems. Bill is currently an inside sales estimator at Automated Logic Corporation in Pittsburgh.

What do you miss the most about Behrend?

Friends and professors. Relationships are so important, and attending class with the same people each semester allows you to make those connections. It is so easy to lose that connection with others as we get caught up in the chaos of life.

What do you think was the most helpful aspect of your time at Behrend?

Group projects and presentations. As much as you may be annoyed with some of your classmates, having experience working with others to accomplish something is extremely valuable for your development. It teaches discipline, communication, accountability, and empathy.

Jordan Ross-Mascaro ’19 

Jordan Ross-Mascaro

Jordan graduated with dual degrees in Marketing and Management Information Systems. She is currently a marketing project manager at Fully Accountable, an outsourced accounting and finance firm in Ohio.

What is one of the most interesting/ unique aspects of your job? 

The culture is amazing. It is important to like your work environment. Even if you think the job is a perfect fit for you, if the culture isn’t, you won’t have a chance. The reason I love the culture here so much is because everyone is open. There are no cubicles, and it is very casual. All the employees joke with one another and have fun! It reminds me a lot of a college class environment.

What do you think was the most helpful aspect of your time at Behrend?

The professors were so helpful. I love the size of Behrend because you get to know your professors and become friends with them. They genuinely care about you and will do everything they can to make sure you succeed.

Student Spotlight

Denana Ivankovic ’21 

Denana Ivankovic

Denana is a junior majoring in Marketing and minoring in Communication Arts and Mass Media with a Certificate in Public Relations. She has recently completed an internship at Flagship Niagara League. She is the vice president of Behrend’s chapter of AMA.

What’s been your proudest moment during your time at Behrend?

While working as a new student orientation leader, I was asked by the Erie Public Schools to give a speech at a back-to-school rally for teachers. I had the privilege of speaking in front of a little over 1,500 individuals that included the Erie Public School faculty and staff, Mayor Joe Schember, and many others. I could share my experience at the Erie Public Schools and thank all my teachers for helping me get to where I am today.

What was your biggest takeaway from your internship?

My biggest takeaway from my internship at Flagship Niagara League is that I enjoy communicating with others and I have a passion for event planning. I really enjoyed my internship and the experience I gained during my time working with wonderful individuals.

What attracted you to Penn State Behrend?

The friendly community of individuals who were eager to help while I visited the campus. I remember the first time I ever stepped foot on campus that everyone smiled and was very welcoming. I am glad to be part of the Nittany Lion family!

Club Updates and More

Brittany Greer Lytle

Above: Brittany Greer Lytle ’12, manager of athlete insights at Dick’s Sporting Goods, talks with Black School of Business students in October 2019.

The American Marketing Association chapter at Penn State Behrend (AMA at Behrend) had a busy year of events. The chapter brought in many successful individuals to speak to students to encourage networking and career exploration. Professionals from Erie Insurance, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, WebFX, and Dick’s Sporting Goods came to Behrend and shared information about their career paths, tips on how to make a better impression on a resume and during an interview, and the importance of maintaining a work-life balance.

With many e-board members graduating in spring 2020, there are several positions open and elections are underway. The president (Andre Sardaryzadeh), vice president of programming (Joshua Adams), and vice president of communications (Alex Sienerth) are graduating this semester.

A quote from the AMA graduating President, Andre Sardaryzadeh:

“The experience I had as a member of the American Marketing Association at Behrend has been tremendous. I not only gained valuable marketing insight but also had the door opened for opportunities I would not have had otherwise.”

Current students can stay tuned for updates and news on our Behrend Sync page.

Ben Ramey and Erica Keoning

Above: Ben Ramey ’20 and Erica Koenig ’20

Sisters of Saint Joseph Neighborhood Network Group

Front row left to right: Erica Koenig ’20, Kevin Cooper ’20, Alex Sienerth ’20. Back row left to right, Hannah Moran, Coordinator of Civic and Community Engagement at Penn State Behrend, Tyler Vasilik ’20, Ben Ramey ’20, Professor Kristen McAuley, and Margarita Dangel from the Neighborhood Manager at Sisters of St. Joseph Neighborhood Network.

In the fall 2019 semester, Professor Kristen McAuley and her MKTG 480: Social Media Marketing students conducted a project with the Sisters of St. Joseph Neighborhood Network (SSJNN). This project was also in partnership with the Penn State Behrend Office of Civic and Community Engagement. The students collaborated in groups working directly with Margarita Dangel, the neighborhood manager of SSJNN. The goal of the overall project was to conduct research on SSJNN’s social media presence and create content or value for them to improve upon. Each of the marketing students groups were assigned a different task to focus on social media posts, website management, content creation, and video marketing.

Throughout the semester project, students worked with Margarita Dangel, neighborhood manager at Sisters of St. Joseph Neighborhood Network, on their specific part of the project. The social media teams recommended SSJNN a weekly calendar of what times are best to post on certain platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The website teams recommended specific updates on the website and incorporated search engine optimization techniques. The content creation teams created a blog for SSJNN detailing engaging information related to SSJNN. Lastly, the video marketing teams created engaging videos educating the public about their mission statement and how the Erie community can help get involved.