MPAcc Course Descriptions

MPAcc Course Descriptions

ACCT 545 Strategic Cost Management (3 credits) Current managerial accounting topics such as activity-based costing, theory of constraints, and performance measures, and their use in organizations.

ACCT 504 Auditing Theory and Practice (3 credits) Accounting and the managerial processes of planning, control, and decision making.

ACCTG 803 Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support (3 credits) Study of investigative accounting, consulting, and litigation support activities undertaken in forensic accounting engagements.

ACCTG 806 Taxes and Business Planning (3 credits) Effects of tax regimes on decision-making, tax planning, and market outcomes; ethics, tax research, and policy.

ACCTG 873 Advanced Topics in Financial Reporting (3 credits) Financial disclosure and reporting for complex business enterprises and activities; current issues in financial reporting.

ACCTG 881 Financial Statement Analysis (3 credits) Analysis of financial reports to identify business strategy, assess performance and economic standing, and value claims.

B ADM 526 Leadership and Ethics (3 credits) A multiperspective review of leadership theory and research with special emphasis given to the ethical dimensions of leadership.

B LAW 444 Advanced UCC and Commercial Transactions (3 credits) All articles of the Uniform Commercial Code, banking relationships, debtor-creditor law, and bankruptcy law.

FIN 451 Intermediate Financial Management (3 credits) Case studies are used to develop skills in solving a variety of financial management problems.