Penn State Behrend Business Ambassador Program Application Process

The Black School of Business is now recruiting for new Behrend Business Ambassadors.

We are looking for highly qualified students who want to serve as ambassadors and help promote and encourage all business disciplines. Business Ambassadors will be involved in recruiting new students, helping current students transition to college, and participating in outreach programs.

Do you want to be a Behrend Business Ambassador?

  • Do you have a high level of personal and professional character?
  • Do you have a willingness and passion for developing exceptional communication skills and leadership ability?
  • Are you enthusiastic toward the field of business, the Black School of Business, and Penn State Behrend?
  • Do you want to stand out and be known within the school?
  • Are you reliable and willing to commit some of your time each semester to the goals of the ambassador program?
  • Will you be graduating from Penn State Behrend's Black School of Business?
  • Have you completed CAS 100? (May be completed in spring.)

If you answered "yes" to these questions, then please consider applying to the program.

Benefits of being a Behrend Business Ambassador

  • 1-credit ambassador training class (HIED 200 101) in spring semester.
  • Personal and professional development opportunities. An excellent way to add leadership and communication expertise to your résumé.
  • Networking with Behrend administrators, faculty, alumni, community leaders, and industry representatives.
  • Tiered stipend for every semester that you participate. (Applies after you have completed the ambassador training class and have been accepted into the Behrend Business Ambassador Program.)
    • A stipend of $500 for completion of 30 hours of Business Ambassador service.
    • A stipend of $300 for completion of 20 hours of service.
    • A stipend of $150 for completion of 15 hours of service.
  • Receive Behrend Business Ambassador apparel that will be worn at events.
  • The opportunity to "leave your mark" and give back to Penn State Behrend and the Black School of Business.
  • A résumé-enhancing experience.

Responsibilities of a Behrend Business Ambassador

  • Register for and complete the 1-credit HIED 200: Leadership, Communication and Outreach course with Professor Linda Hajec in the spring semester. 
  • Commit to at least two semesters of participation in the program once you have completed the course.
  • Participate in a minimum of 15 hours of service per semester.
  • Recruiting: Participate in Open House events and meet with prospective students, special guests, and industry visitors.
  • Retention: Mentor incoming first-year and transfer students; participate in the First-Year Student Seminar and welcome events.
  • Outreach: Help with various outreach events, including traveling to high schools. You will need your own transportation, but Penn State will reimburse you for mileage.
  • Industry: Assist at events on campus such as Career Fairs or Corporate Day visits.
  • Continuously work on improving your leadership and communication skills.
  • Help to prioritize Behrend Business Ambassador activities when needed and be flexible and responsive to the needs of the program.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Will be graduating from Penn State Behrend.
  • Have either already completed CAS 100 or are taking it in the next spring semester.
  • Complete the Behrend Business Ambassador application.
  • Interview with the Selection Committee.
  • Complete HIED 200.
  • Be accepted as a Behrend Business Ambassador.

Submitting an Application

Complete the Behrend Business Ambassador Application form, including a copy of your current résumé.

Applications are typically due before the end of the semester, but late applications may be accepted. Early applications will receive early review and preference for enrollment. Please contact Ms. Hajec for application deadlines.

Direct any questions that you may have to Professor Linda Hajec at [email protected] or 814-898-6102.

Thank you for your interest in the Behrend Business Ambassador Program!