Experimenter Guidelines for Research Participation Pool

Experimenter Guidelines for Research Participation Pool

*** As an experimenter, you have a responsibility to follow the participant pool guidelines carefully. Be sure to read them over and ask your research supervisor any questions that you may have before you begin running subjects.


Register & Set Up Your Online Experiment

You will need to register your experiment with the Research Participant Pool (RPP). Once you have a researcher account setup you will be able to access the system and add your research project.

Students will be required to create an experiment profile on the new online RPP system and manage their participants and credits from that site only. Tutorials will be provided for guidance to setup and run your experiments through this system.

  • You will need the following information to setup your Experiment:
  • Experimenter names and contact information
  • IRB Approval #
  • Full name of the experiment
  • A Brief Abstract (1 sentence description)
  • A Detailed Description
  • Research supervisor name and contact information
  • Duration of the Experiment
  • How many credits the experiment is going to be worth
  • Approximate start and end dates

All researchers will also be required to post all Experiment information in the Experiment Information message board on the Psychology Lab Group. In this message board there will be information about the different experiments running. The following information is required: the name of the experiment, the researcher(s), the dates, times, and location(s) of the experiment as well. This will help everyone keep track of your experiments.

Cancellations or Experiment Changes

Student: A participant may cancel an experiment in two ways. First, they can cancel their timeslot online, no later than 2 hours before the scheduled experiment time. The RPP system will log this information for you. This is why it is imperative to check your experiment online everyday for cancellations. They may also call the Psych Lab voice mail or the experimenter contact phone to cancel.

If a participant calls to cancel, it will be recorded on Canvas in the Psychology Lab Group. Under the Participant Cancellation message board all lab attendants will log the following information if a participant calls to cancel their experiment: Name of the participant, the participant’s instructor and class time, the name of the experiment, the time of experiment and the time of the cancellation.

Experimenter: If you need to cancel an experiment time, you must contact your participant in advance (at least 2 hours) and reschedule the experiment. You must also go the Psychology Lab Group on Canvas and enter the information into the Experiment Cancellation message board. It is the researcher’s responsibility to post here. You need to record the following information: the name of the experiment, the researchers name and contact information, how many participants were scheduled, and what time the experiment was scheduled for.

If your cancellations become regular, the participant pool intern will be required to notify your research supervisor. If you fail to show up for an experiment, your participant is entitled to receive 1/2 credits and your research supervisor will be notified. Experiment Changes: If you experience a room change or any other change after participants’ signup for your experiment you must do the following: 1. Update the RPP system, 2. Update the Experiment Info. message board on the Psychology Lab Canvas Group 3. CALL YOUR PARTICIPANT!

Research Credit

How much credit: The participant will be given at least .5 credit hours for each experiment they participate in. If an experiment should take more than 35 minutes, they will receive 1 credit hour. If the experiment should take more than 65 minutes, they will receive 1.5 credit hours, etc. The participant has 5 minutes after the scheduled time to show up. If the participant does not show up for the experiment and does not cancel within 24 hours, you will enter them as a no show for 0 credits.

Credit Slips: The credit slip formats are available on the S drive. Two credit slips will be filled out for each participant. One half will be given to the participant for his/her own records, and you keep the other half for your records. Remind the participant to keep their copy of the slip in case they have credit discrepancies at the end of the semester. You must use credit slips even with the use of the Research Participation Pool system.

Research Participation Pool Database: You need to enter your subject’s credits into the RPP system within 48 hours. Fill out all of the information asked for (i.e. student id, student name, experiment, experimenter, credit hours, date, and time). Be sure all information is correct before you submit the participant’s credit, there is a built in question to make sure you have all information correct, please remember to check before you submit something.

Subject Log: You will need to keep a subject log that lists each participant that you run. It should include all of the information that you type into the database and should also include the name of the researcher that ran the participant as well as the date and person that recorded the credits into the database. This is our backup system in case something should happen to the database.

Psychology Lab

It is your responsibility to make sure that the Psych Lab is open at the times that you require it. You are also responsible for contacting your research supervisor to schedule in advance any rooms that you require. If a lab attendant will not be present when you need to run a participant, make arrangements with your research supervisor to have someone open and close the Psych Lab. If it is necessary for you to be in the lab after hours, you need to arrange it with your research supervisor.

*** You have a responsibility to treat your participants with the utmost dignity and respect. Remember that your participants are doing you a great deed by participating in your research, and you should attempt to make their research experience as interesting and enjoyable as possible. Remember that it should be a learning experience for them, and try to answer all their questions as candidly as you can, given the constraints of your research. Your attitude and dress should be professional at all times. If you have any problems, report to your supervisor immediately. If you have any questions, please contact Austin Kobylinski at BDPSYCHOLOGYLAB@lists.psu.edu with or call him at 898-6036 (Psychology lab).