Maymester Course at Disney World


Spend a week in Disney World during Maymester and earn class credit!

May 19–26, 2023

Enroll in the three-credit course AMST: American Studies/ENGL 105, fulfill your GH or US Cultures, and you'll spend a week during Maymester 2023 in Disney World!

Disney Castle pictured.

Package includes:

* Package is still in progress and can change 

Space is limited. Non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to secure seat in class; a payment plan will then follow. 


Based on 24 PAID students with four per room, the estimated cost per person is $2,094. (This includes a grant of $5,000. The grant, divided among 24 students is $208 per person. Without the grant, the cost, per person, would be $2,303 per person.)

Please note that the air prices will not be released until December 2022. The airfare is estimated at $350 per person. This amount may increase or decrease.

Fewer participants will raise the trip cost. Additional participants will lower the trip cost. If there are fewer than four per room, the cost per person will increase as reflected in the itinerary.

The cost of $2,094 was arrived at by totaling the total trip cost and dividing it by 24 participants. The following approximates the costs per person (subject to change):

Expense Type Estimated Price per student (based on 24 total students) Notes
Airfare (estimate) $350 Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the airport. Airfare pricing is unavailable until six months before the trip. Price is estimated and subject to change

7-night stay on Disney Property at Disney Port Orleans

$455 Four students per room. Price can change depending on how many sign-up per room and how many attend trip.

Disney Premium Park Hopper passes with Genie+

$572 5-day passes; one Disney seminar included.

Medieval Times dinner with the class with transportation

$60 -
Two additional Disney Seminars $74 -
Bus for transfers in Florida $100 -
Administrative Costs (Behrend) $293 -

Administrative Costs (Action Tours USA, Inc)

$190 -
Total $2,094 Total cost may change depending on the number of participants. It does not include souvenirs, most meals, or other incidentals.

Please note that if a person cancels their participation in the trip, the following items are refundable without a time penalty: Disney tickets, Disney seminars, Medieval Times ($47). Airfares will be refunded up to a certain date which will be determined when the fares are released. Action Tours will refund $50 (profit).

The following items are not refundable unless someone replaces you on the trip, at which time everything will be refunded: Buses for transfers in Florida, Port Orleans, Penn State Behrend and Action Tours administrative costs.

To express your interest in the trip or get more information, contact Erin Dick at [email protected] or Anne Campbell at [email protected].

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