General Arts and Sciences

General Arts and Sciences

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Penn State Behrend has forty-plus degree programs. But if one isn’t the perfect fit for you, plan your own path!

The B.A. in General Arts and Sciences is most often pursued by students who decide after a year or two of study that their unique career goals are not met by one of the college’s existing liberal arts degree programs. It’s also popular with transfer and returning students who want to maximize the number of credits they can bring from another institution, and with students who don’t have a defined career goal but know they will be more successful with a college degree than without one.

Why Penn State Behrend?

Penn State Behrend will allow you to chart your own academic journey—and assign you an academic adviser who will work in close consultation with you. In return for the flexibility to make your own decisions, you’ll accept greater responsibility for researching and planning your coursework and staying on track to graduation.

This type of self-directed accomplishment and accountability—along with the solid foundation in critical reading, writing, and analytical thinking that General Arts and Sciences coursework imparts—is exactly what employers want and is highly valued in the workplace.

Within General Arts and Sciences, you’ll choose to study in one of four option areas:

  • Humanities
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Science/Mathematics
  • Liberal Studies

Your upper-division credit requirements will be drawn primarily from one of these four areas. Your academic adviser will work with you to ensure your academic plan reflects seriousness of purpose and a coherent set of goals.

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