Lake Effect, Volume 26: "Ode to the Pillars of the Overpass Bridge"

Ode to the Pillars of the Overpass Bridge

By William Fargason


no bridge on them yet     stuck holding
           nothing midair across the six-lane interstate
stoic in concrete uniformness     lag bolts
          waiting for purpose in the silvered air

I pass them by in my car     going nowhere
          important the grocery store probably     passing
underneath the air they hold up     the light like
          the yellow line on the road     next to the rumble

strip holding small pockets of rain from last night
          the air full of possibility     knowing the future
in each thread of the column’s bolts     spiraling
           upwards towards heaven like spikes at the bottom

of a pit in a dark cave passage      a trap
          built to catch angels as they fall to earth