Lake Effect, Volume 26

Lake Effect

Volume 26
Spring 2022

Lake Effect Cover Art 2022 - Volume 26



  • Rick Bursky, The Death-Defying Spiritual
  • Rick Bursky, The All Spiritual
  • Olivia M. Sokolowski, A Wind Too Good to Be the Wind I Know
  • Olivia M. Sokolowski, Pont des Arts
  • Lance Larsen, In My Next Life I’ll Return as a Crow
  • Lance Larsen, Just Say Some Things about the Moon
  • Lance Larsen, Self-Portrait with the State of Idaho Receding in My Rear-view Mirror
  • Jennifer Bullis, Self-Portrait as Lilith, to Eve
  • Anthony Borruso, This Is the Big One!
  • Hollie Dugas, Once, I Fell in Love with a Paleontologist
  • Lauren Camp, Lessons from a Temporary North
  • William Fargason, Ode to the Pillars of the Overpass Bridge
  • Kim Garcia, The Quiet Mornings
  • Kim Garcia, We Call These Dancing Waves
  • Marie Ungar, Hypochondria
  • Marie Ungar, I Am Always Getting Myself into Such Fixes
  • Mary Birnbaum, The Buddha for All Occasions
  • Wendy Guerra, Salt
  • Michael Dechane, Ladyfish
  • Lola Haskins, Self-Portrait as North Yorkshire
  • Danie Shokoohi, Confessions of the Sin-Eater
  • Danie Shokoohi, Scrimshaw
  • Cristi Donoso, Growing
  • Cynthia Marie Hoffman, Ruminate
  • Cynthia Marie Hoffman, Intrusive
  • Sara Backer, My Addiction to Impressionist Snowscapes
  • Todd Copeland, Apologia for Giving a Damn
  • Christen Kauffman, To See a Satellite and Think God
  • Nicholas Yingling, Against Life Expectancy
  • Matthew Tuckner, On Garbage
  • Christopher Buckley, Voyages
  • Nancy Eimers, For a Poet-Teacher, in Memory
  • Nancy Eimers, Studies of Flight
  • John Sibley Williams, Scarecrow
  • Karen Craigo, Think of an Image from Memory
  • Karina Borowicz, Walking at Midnight
  • Karina Borowicz, Victory Day
  • Ken Meisel, The Angel of the I Is Elsewhere, Speaks Straight Dope to Me

Literary Nonfiction

  • Jen Ashburn, A Thursday Afternoon During the Pandemic
  • Jen Ashburn, We Do So Wish
  • Sonja Flancher, Alone and Homesick on an Indian Passenger Train
  • Laurie Blauner, Another Night of Dark Berries and Foxes
  • Barbara Hass, The Logo of Gyrsuf
  • Lauren Osborn, Sunburn