Psychology Internship Guidelines

Student Internships

Psychology students are encouraged to complete a formal internship to explore their career interests. Internships may be completed in any semester or summer. They may be in the profit or nonprofit sectors and may be paid or unpaid. Internships may vary from 3 credits (120 hours) to 6 credits (240 hours).

Internship Requirements. Before you take an internship in psychology, you must have completed PSYCH 100 (General Psychology) and PSYCH 200 (Psychological Statistics). In addition, you must have a 2.50 GPA overall, a 3.00 psychology GPA, at least 5th semester standing, and approval of the site. In certain cases, waivers of one of these requirements are possible. See Dr. Shariffah Sheik Dawood, 814-898-6790, Program Chair of Psychology, for more information.

Internship evaluation. Students are evaluated on three criteria: 1) evaluation of the site supervisor, 2) keeping a journal of their experiences, and 3) completing a project paper that integrates the fieldwork with the theory and research from the classroom.