Permit Prices

Permit Prices

You may purchase permits for a single semester or for both fall and spring semesters. Part-time permits may only be purchased for one semester at a time.

Parking Permit Prices by Term

Please check your new campus parking map for changes in parking areas.

Prices for a Single Semester 2017-18

  • Resident: $155
  • Commuter: $155
  • Commuter, Part-Time: $78
  • Evening Only, Full-Time: $60
  • Evening Only, Part-Time: $30

Prices for Fall and Spring Semesters* (purchased together)

  • Resident: $280.00 (save $30)
  • Commuter: $280.00 (save $30)
  • Evening Only, Full-Time: $120

Please note there is no part-time permit available for two semesters purchased together.

All Semester Permits are billed to your student account.


If you are a student and working on-campus during the summer, you must obtain a parking permit to park on campus.

  • Students: $0 (No charge for Behrend Students working or taking classes)

Temporary Permits

Temporary parking permits cost $4.00 per day and are sold in consecutive days only.

Purchase Parking Permits Online

There are no lines, no money to handle, and no paper forms to fill out. Simply complete the online Parking Registration Form and stop by Police Services in about 24 hours to receive your permit. (If you have received a parking ticket, please pick up your permit as soon as possible after completing the on-line process to avoid receiving another ticket.)