What You Need to Know about Box Migration

The take-away… DO NOT USE BOX.

Phase 2, the final phase of the Box file migration, is expected to be completed in early April.  Upon completion, you will receive an email that states that your Phase 2 is complete.  At that point, if you have any external collaborators, you will need to re-do their sharing permissions.  The sharing permissions were maintained for internal collaborators.

The University will provide BITS with an error report so that we can reach out to assist.  But if you have any questions or need assistance with your migrated files, please complete an IT Ticket.  (Select “Box Files for Migration” under the “My Office” category.)

Although you are still able to see a copy of your files in Box, DO NOT access them from Box.  These files will remain in Box until September 2021, when the University’s contract expires.  Once the contract expires, the Box files will be permanently gone.