Mock Interview Instructions

What is a mock interview?

A mock interview is one of the best ways to refine your interviewing skills. Your appointment will last one hour: 30 minutes for an interview recording, followed by a 30-minute review to discuss what went well and ways you can further improve. Our goal is to help you learn how to answer those difficult questions!

How do I schedule a mock interview?

Stop in ACPC (125 Reed) or call 814-898-6164 to schedule a one-hour appointment. When you schedule, please designate the type of position (full-time, internship, etc.) and be prepared to offer a resume and job description (or at least company/job title) prior to your mock interview. If you are preparing for a graduate school interview, you will need to give us the school and program name (e.g. Penn State Hershey-Med School).

BEFORE the Mock Interview

You MUST upload a copy of your resume to Nittany Lion Careers at least 24 hours prior to your interview. For an effective mock interview, please upload a job description (or at least company information/job title) using “Other Documents” and label it “Mock Interview Company Information.”
Review the ACPC website for interviewing tips.

DAY OF the Mock Interview

  • Bring a paper copy of your resume, as if you were at an actual interview.
  • Bring a USB drive with you IF you are required to provide a video to your professor.
  • Dress professionally, as if you were at an actual interview.