Meet Penn State Behrend Graduate Breanna McClain

Breanna McClain

Breanna McClain

Credit: Contributed Photo

Major: Marketing

Minor: Communication Arts and Mass Media

Certificates: Public Relations and Advertising

Hometown: Columbus, Pennsylvania

Scholarships: Joseph Defrees Scholarship

On choosing Behrend: I knew coming to a smaller campus would increase the possibility of having a positive relationship with my professors. I wanted to be known by name, not just be one of a number of students in a program.

On choosing her major: I chose my major because marketing is the creative side of business. I’ve always been a creative person, and I wanted to use these gifts to help advertise products, services, or events.

Proudest accomplishment at Behrend: My proudest accomplishment has been my ability to increase my GPA every semester. I have continued to improve academically, and I am very proud of my dedication to continue to do better.

Campus involvement: I am the Vice President of Advertising in the American Marketing Association Club and am a Business Ambassador. I also was a part of the concert band whenever my schedule would allow it. I play the tenor saxophone.

A really “wild” internship: I did an internship at the Erie Zoo where I helped with social media and event planning. I loved helping the zoo staff get ready for events and watching visitors enjoy them. I got to have some cool interactions with the animals, and a lot of them recognized me by the end of my internship, which made me feel pretty special. I have some great photos with the zoo’s male orangutan, “Joe,” who recently passed away. I was really upset to hear that news and am glad to have made some memories with him.

Awards and recognitions: I recently received the Outstanding Marketing Student Award, and I made the Dean’s List every semester.

What makes her unique: I have an eye for design. I can take information and make a visual that will better represent and communicate what needs to be shared.

Her definition of the good life: My definition of living a good life is to treat everyone with kindness. If I can make someone else’s day a little brighter, I am satisfied that I am living the best possible life I can.

Her passion: One of my passions is photography. I enjoy capturing the small things people might otherwise overlook. It has helped me see the world differently because I used to miss these things like everyone else. Now, I take time to notice and appreciate things around me and want to help others do the same.

Advice for first-year students: My advice would be not to get lost in the stress of the world. Life is easier if you can think of at least one good thing that happened in your day. If you can find that one good thing, it can completely change your outlook on life.

Breanna plans to explore non-profit or for-profit organizational work in social media and event planning or pursue advertising work for a small marketing firm.