Matt Strupczewski

I knew I had to put myself through school, so I was looking for the most cost-effective option. Behrend was by far the best value.

Majors: Dual majoring in Political Science and Marketing

Minor: Military Studies

Hometown: Erie

Scholarships: Merwin Trustee Matching Scholarship, Irving Kochel Leadership Scholarship, Penn State Academic Grant, Zachary T. Irwin Humanitarian Award

On choosing Behrend: I knew I had to put myself through school, so I was looking for the most cost-effective option. Behrend was by far the best value. It allowed me to live at home to save even more money and still earn a Penn State degree, which opens the door to many career and continuing education opportunities.

On choosing his major: I am intrigued by the world of politics and hope to run for office myself one day. Marketing came naturally to me as I have always been business-minded. Dual majoring allowed me to draw the two together. I believe if I can market a product, I can market myself, and vice versa.

Proudest accomplishment at Behrend: Becoming president of the Student Government Association. This position has allowed me to do so much to improve services and activities, and even support faculty needs on our campus. The ability to make real change and help our community has been the most fulfilling opportunity I have been able to take part in.

Campus involvement: I’m a member of the Lion Ambassadors, Penn State Army ROTC, and College Republicans.

What makes him unique: I think I have a high level of charisma. When it comes to sales, management, and even leadership situations, I am able to work well with a lot of people. I think this will help me in my career and personal life, as it is an important social skill in today’s world.

What you’d be surprise to know about him: I am only 21, but I am married and have already bought my first house. This was all while I went to school, averaging about 25 credits per semester and working, too.

What makes a good life: Finding your sense of fulfillment. There is no one way to live a good life. For me, it is a happy medium of having a job I enjoy with a good work-life balance.

A future full of options: I often think of new ways to apply my skills but have a hard time narrowing down which one to pursue. Do I get a graduate degree? Make an early run for a local election? Continue furthering my career as a real estate agent? This year has been a very introspective year for me, as I have been doing a deeper dive into the question, “What is my why?”

Passionate about public service: I love finding a way to use my skills to help people. With the skills I have developed here at Behrend, especially with my Student Government Association experience, I can’t wait to become an elected official. No matter what level office they hold, elected officials have the power and ability to make their community a better place. Today, it feels that too many of our officials are more concerned with reelection or serving themselves than with working to make things better.

Advice for first-year students: My younger self would have suggested students work as much as they can outside of school, but I now feel it is important to find a healthy middle ground. Of course, prioritize school, but work and social time should also be included for your own mental health and enjoyment of life.

From graduation to service: I am currently in the National Guard and will be commissioned as a second lieutenant in May. I have learned a lot in the guard and appreciate how it has helped me develop and mature, personally.

Matt plans to continue serving in the National Guard while pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree at Behrend. In the future, he plans to run for political office.