Academic Advising Subcommittee


The Academic Advising Subcommittee will continue the work started by Academic and Career Planning Advisory Council (ACPAC). The ACPAC was started in the spring of 2010 to investigate and make recommendations to improve the Behrend College academic advising system. On July 9, 2012 the ACPAC submitted a report outlining a series of recommendations. The newly formed Academic Advising Subcommittee will be charged with aiding administration in implementing the recommendation of the ACPAC.


  1. Prioritize the recommendations from the July 2012 Academic Advising Report
  2. Determine what actions are required to implement the recommendations.
  3. Suggest new or modified policies, procedures, and/or practices required to implement each recommendations including the locus of responsibility for each recommendation (e.g., college, school, department, center, etc.)