Technology for Teaching

Public Labs

There are numerous public labs located across campus for use by students, faculty, and staff. (See map for lab locations.)

The systems in these labs are integrated with Penn State's Cooperative Lab Management (CLM) infrastructure. (CLM provides a common set of software packages to provide a uniform computing experience across the University.) To view the availability of computers in the labs by building/room, visit Current Lab Usage.

These systems and services may also be accessed remotely from on and off campus. For more information, visit Cloud Services.

In addition, you may also request software to be installed in a lab.

Lab Reservations

The public labs may be reserved. If you would like to reserve a lab for an entire semester, please contact the Registrar’s Office. Ad-hoc reservations are made via CollegeNet and are approved by BITS.

Podium Keys

Keys to the podiums are distributed during new faculty orientation. Otherwise, a key may be requested via an IT Ticket.

Student Printing

Students will be able to print 100 pages before being charges 5 cents per page. The print count will reset on the 1st day of class each semester. For more information and locations:  Student Printing

Public Lab Software

Location of Software Titles

Students have access to a wide variety of software in the public labs. Since the software titles vary by location, refer to the Lab Software online database. You may search this database by software title, building, room number, etc. to find the location(s) where the software is installed.

Request Software for Labs

Faculty may request that software be installed in labs for an upcoming semester. To do so, please complete the Instructional Software Readiness Program form.

Accessibility of Software

Per University policy, software that is to be installed for students’ use in the classroom, lab, or other instructional area, must be accessible to students with disabilities. Prior to purchase, the software must be vetted by central purchasing for legal and PSU policy standards. You can view the vetting status of software titles at the Courseware website. If software isn’t accessible, you are required to submit an alternate access plan for students. For more details, please refer to the “Need to Know” or “Reviewed Courseware” sections on the Courseware site.

Other Resources