Penn State Behrend Tong Project

This tong was developed as a part of a senior design project in Penn State Behrend's Plastics Engineering Technology Program. The project was sponsored by Penn State Behrend's Plastics Training Academy. A team of students designed the part and the mold to produce the part. The mold was built by one of Penn State Behrend's toolmakers. The logos were laser-engraved by Accudyn Products. The QR code insert was donated by DME. The purpose of the project was to mold both the first half of the tong and the over-molded assembly in the same shot. The first half was allowed to cool before being placed back in the mold for the over-molding. Several materials were evaluated that met the specified properties. Unlike most over-molded parts, a requirement of the material was that it would not bond well with itself. The final material chosen was a 15% glass-filled nylon 6/6 donated by Ascend Performance Materials and the colorant was donated by Penn Color. The material's maximum service temperature is 240°C (464°F).
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