Senior Design Projects

Senior Design Projects

Our senior students within the School of Engineering complete a 2-3 semester capstone project. The School seeks industrial partners willing to participate in a relationship that will bring your organization and a team of students together in a problem-solving project that provides students with practical experience and further develops their engineering education.

Sponsoring a senior design project can enable you to:

  • Explore the application of new technologies on back burner projects with low-cost and low-risk.
  • Take a close look at creative and energetic students who may make great employees for your company.
  • Draw from faculty expertise in a variety of disciplines and take advantage of the resources and libraries of a world-class research university.
  • Provide an enriching opportunity for students to use their valuable education in an industrial situation.

Information for industry project sponsors:


If you desire more information or wish to sponsor a project, contact:

Ed Evans, Jr.
Senior Project Coordinator
School of Engineering