Greener Behrend

Greener Behrend

Student overlooking Wintergreen GorgeWelcome to Greener Behrend!

Ecological Commitment Statement


Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, will have a campus community that is educated about and committed to establishing and maintaining a responsible relationship with the fixed and finite natural resources on which we depend.


To develop and implement strategies and related programs for campus practices and policies that further ecological sustainability within the college community.


Members of the college community recognize that we live in an environment where natural resources are plentiful, yet finite. Recognizing that higher education is not values neutral, we believe that institutions have a responsibility to identify and promote responsibility and citizenship among all constituents and constituent groups. Penn State’s land-grant history and its mission to create and disseminate knowledge by being a world-class leader in research, education, and service underscore this belief.

Consequently, we believe that we have a responsibility to foster and build a respect for the environment, including:

  • appreciating the place of humans and institutions within their surroundings
  • committing to live within our environmental limits and considering the full cost of our endeavors
  • assuming a leadership role in communicating and teaching civic responsibility