Advice for Majors

Advice for Majors

In order to assist you in scheduling classes for the remainder of your program, we have listed some important reminders below. While there may be a few exceptions to these scheduling guidelines (especially for those of you who have transferred in from another academic major or university), most of you will find that these guidelines are applicable.

1. In your fifth semester, you should be completing the following:

  • Prescribed Courses: FNC 300/FIN 301, MANGT 300/MGMT 301, MRKTG 300/MKTG 301
  • Supporting Courses: Foreign language, Culture/International Studies

Important notes: It's very important that you complete FNC 300/FIN 301, MANGT 300/MGMT 301, and MRKTG 300/MKTG 301at this time because these are prerequisites for the upper-level international and other business courses that you will start taking in your 6th semester.

Also, make sure that you register for the appropriate level of the foreign language that you have chosen to study. If you are not sure, speak with your adviser or an instructor in your foreign language. To avoid getting out of sequence, you should also note that the language courses at Behrend are usually offered in the following pattern each year:

  • Fall Semester: French 1 and 3, German 1 and 3, Spanish 1, 2, and 3
  • Spring Semester: French 2, German 2, Spanish 1, 2, and 3

(Sometimes, language courses are also offered during the summer.)

2. In your sixth semester, you should be completing the following:

  • Prescribed Courses: SCM 310

  • Additional Courses: Int'l Business (ECNS 470/ECON 470and MANGT 480/MGMT 461)

  • Supporting Courses: Foreign language, course for second business major

Important Notes: This major requires that you complete four international business courses (ECNS 470/ECON 470, FNC 470/FIN 407, MANGT 480/MGMT 461, MRKTG 470/MKTG 445, or other courses approved by the Black School of Business). Assuming you have completed all the prerequisites, it does not matter in which order you complete these courses. However, you should note that these international business courses have been offered in the following pattern in the recent past:

  • Fall Semester: FNC 470/FIN 407, MRKTG 470/MKTG 445
  • Spring Semester: ECNS 470/ECON 470, MANGT 480/MGMT 461

In the recent past, ECNS 470/ECON 470 and MRKTG 470/MKTG 445 have also been offered during the summer.)

 3. In your seventh semester, you should be completing the following:

  • Additional Courses: Int'l Business (FNC 470/FIN 407 and MRKTG 470/MKTG 445)

  • Supporting Courses: 
    Study Abroad
    Course for second business major
    Course for second business major

Important Notes: You are required to complete at least 3 credits of school-approved non-business education abroad courses. The actual semester in which you study abroad will vary, depending on your personal circumstances.

4. In your eighth semester, you should be completing the following:

  • Prescribed Courses: MANGT 470W/MGMT 471W

  • Supporting Courses:
    Course for second business major
    Course for second business major
    Course for second business major
    Course for second business major

Important Notes: You may not take MANGT 470W/MGMT 471W until after you have satisfied all the prerequisites, which are FNC 300/FIN 301, MANGT 300/MGMT 301, SCM 310, MRKTG 300/MKTG 300, and at least 7th-semester standing.

Other Important Reminders for International Business Students:

  • The International Business major is a dual major program. Therefore, to formally declare this as your major, you must submit a Multiple Major Program form. If you have not yet done this, make sure you do it soon.

  • Students who receive advanced placement in a foreign language should substitute courses from the school-approved list of international studies/culture courses (given on the back of the International Business check sheet) in order to complete the 15-credit foreign language and culture requirement.

  • Most students will study abroad during their junior or senior year. It's never too early to start planning your education abroad program of study. Many programs require that you apply one year in advance of the actual travel date. Some programs may also have prerequisites that you must first complete before studying abroad. Although our international business major requires only 3 credits of non-business study abroad course work, most students will take more than 3 credits while they are abroad. 

    • You should consult with your adviser before you actually enroll in an education abroad program to determine if and where the study abroad courses will fit into your international business program requirements. For more information about education abroad, you may contact Ms. Ruth Pflueger, the Director of the Learning Resource Center. You may also check the Black School of Business Study Abroad website.

  • Your actual course schedules will depend on what you have chosen as your 2nd business major. You should carefully plan ahead to insure that you satisfy any necessary prerequisites and to confirm that the courses you need will be offered. See a comprehensive list of prerequisites for all School of Business courses. To see which junior/senior level courses will be offered in the upcoming two semesters, refer to the list of tentative course offerings at the front of the "Schedule of Classes" (paper version) distributed by the Registrar's Office every semester.

  • Please consult with your adviser on any questions about the requirements for the International Business major. A good way to help you track your progress through the program is to follow the RAP/checksheet for the major.