International Business

International Business

International BusinessWe live in an increasingly interdependent world, one in which economic events happening halfway around the globe are as likely to affect us as those occurring in a neighboring state. 

Global interconnectedness creates demand for decision-makers with the knowledge to conduct business in an international setting. If the challenge of accomplishing organizational objectives while coordinating human, financial, information, or material resources across national boundaries intrigues you, consider pursuing the B.S. in International Business.

Why the Black School of Business at Penn State Behrend?

The Black School of Business wants you to graduate with both depth and breadth of skills and experience—to be well-versed in both “international” and “business.” For this reason, the B.S. in International Business is a dual-degree major. You’ll pursue a second major in Accounting, Business Economics, Economics, Finance, Interdisciplinary Business with Engineering Studies, Management Information Systems, Marketing, or Project and Supply Chain Management, which gives you disciplinary expertise along with language proficiency and intercultural competence.

With careful planning, both degrees can be finished in four years. The ability to graduate with two business degrees and demonstrated skill in a specific business discipline makes Penn State Behrend’s International Business degree particularly attractive to employers.

A required study-abroad component also is unique to the International Business degree program. Penn State Education Abroad offers 300 programs across six continents; a study-abroad adviser in Behrend’s Learning Resource Center will help you to select the international experience that fits both your academic and career goals, while your academic adviser for International Business will work with you to maintain your progress to graduation. The length of your international experience will vary from one week of travel as part of a Penn State Behrend course to a full 16-week semester spent abroad.

Accreditation Matters

The Black School of Business is accredited by AACSB International, the highest standard of achievement and a designation earned by less than 5 percent of business schools worldwide. 

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