2020-21 International Business Newsletter

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New Things Going On with the Major 

The International Business major will be venturing into Virtual Reality (VR). Stay tuned for new and exciting experiences in the VR World. The IB Club and the Black School of Business will be sponsoring an International Business Executive Speaker Series. Plan to attend to make connections in the International Business arena.

New International Business Law Course

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A new course that satisfies the international business requirements for International Business majors is being offered. IB 397 International Business Law is a special topics course taught by David F. Dieteman, M.A., J.D., associate teaching professor of management, and will be a spring course offering. Please note that this course is not an international cultures course.

Course Attempt Limit

Beginning in summer 2021, students are limited to a maximum of two attempts on any course. Earning a grade or late dropping is counted towards attempts. A third attempt will require a petition to take the course. There will be no fourth attempt.

Study Abroad Updates

Despite the unprecedented changes, study abroad programs are still an option for students. The initial deadline for spring 2022 programs was May 1, 2021. Late applications are accepted until July 15, 2021, and the final deadline is September 10, 2021. It is suggested that students apply early for better chances of acceptance into their preferred program and to have at least one backup program in mind.

At this time, a COVID-19 vaccination is not required by the University to participate in study abroad programs. However, prior to departure, the student must verify vaccination, quarantine duration, and pre-arrival testing requirements for airlines, destinations, and companies that they will be visiting during their program. Beyond the normal preparations, faculty leading study abroad programs are planning contingencies for COVID-related situations, should they arise.

For questions about study abroad programs, contact the Learning Resource Center at [email protected]. Also, meet with your academic adviser to see how your study abroad program will count towards your academic requirements. Another global experience offered for students is a Virtual Global Internship. Check each program’s website for individual deadlines and further information.

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Severine Patanakul, Global Programs Coordinator

Dr. Severine Patanakul is the Global Programs Coordinator here at Behrend and manages the following programs: Professional Mentoring, Academic Mentoring, and Cross-Cultural Partnerships.

What do you most want IB students to know, do, or learn?

I would like to see more students take advantage of global opportunities on campus so they can learn soft skills and acquire the intercultural communication skills they will need as they start their career in business, whether it is at a company in the area or elsewhere. You could become a global ambassador, volunteer at the international student orientation, attend the Global Boarders' speaker series each semester, participate in the cross-cultural partnership program, learn a foreign language, study abroad, or join the Global Eats at Bruno's once a month. All these opportunities will help you build an international network, make friends outside your cultural and linguistic circle, and therefore prepare you for the global market.

What’s the proudest moment of your career?

I truly enjoy promoting global opportunities and helping students figure out how to make the most of their time at Behrend, but there is nothing better than hearing the personal and professional experiences from business students who have just returned from an international internship. They are often overwhelmed by how much they learned from such an experience and return ready for any challenge that will come their way.

Alumni Spotlight 

Nate Jones ’20

Nate is a purchasing and sales representative at Ron Jones Hardwood Sales Inc. Some of his accomplishments so far have been making and running the company’s website and social media accounts, as well as buying and selling lumber.

What attracted you to International Business?

I chose International Business with a dual degree in Marketing because I was very interested in the American hardwood lumber industry— which is a large international market. The reason I took Chinese as my language was because China buys the most American hardwoods out of any other foreign country. By learning the language, I could communicate with a wider range of stakeholders.

Tell us about your study abroad experience.

For my study abroad experience, I did an accelerated Chinese language course in Shanghai. I had to adapt to Chinese culture and to being a resident of the largest city in China. I think that experience helped me develop a much broader worldview than I would have gotten if I had spent all my semesters at Behrend.

Student Spotlight 

Tyler McMaster '22

Tyler McMaster is a Marketing and International Business major at Behrend and plans to graduate in spring 2022. In his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar and ukulele or playing tennis.

Why did you choose your major?

I chose International Business because it combined two of my favorite interests: foreign language and marketing. I get to specialize in a certain business field with this degree, which strengthens my abilities as a prospective employee. I can’t wait to study abroad in Europe, too!

If you knew you could not fail, what would you do?

If I knew I couldn’t fail, I would start my own business in correlation with my passion for music. I would make music and sell merchandise from my own online store.

Club Updates and More

About the International Business Club

The International Business Club (IBC) is an academic club under the Black School of Business. The mission of the IBC is to improve knowledge of globalization; build an understanding of foreign cultures, politics, and business practices; create awareness of study abroad programs; and study values in which study abroad gives an opportunity to learn about foreign cultures and international business. We will be electing new e-board members this semester, so feel free to contact us via BehrendSync to learn more!