Black School of Business Study Abroad

Black School of Business Study Abroad

Students from the Black School of Business visit the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Preparing Graduates for the Global Economy

The Black School of Business understands the global marketplace and prepares our graduates for success in a global community.

To do so, the school strongly encourages students to participate in global education opportunities. These opportunities are not just for international business majors. EVERY major in the School of Business can benefit from a study abroad experience.

Why study abroad?

Statistics show that students who study abroad:

  • are much more likely to find a job within 12 months of graduating
  • earn higher salaries
  • are accepted to their 1st or 2nd grad school choice
  • agree that it was a great experience, one they will never regret doing
  • gain skills in creative problem solving and management


Go for just ten days, a summer, or a whole semester!

  • Embedded Programs: Embedded programs are course offered at Penn State that include overseas travel. Faculty members who teach the course, lead the field trip which lasts about 10 days. The cost for these programs is between $1800 and $3000. Students must sign up for the entire course in order to travel and receive credit.
  • Summer Programs: Summer programs usually last between 3 and 9 weeks. Programs may be faculty led or taught in English in a partnering university. A wide variety of courses are available and students can earn between 3 and 9 credits. Cost for these programs (including tuition) is between $5000-$10,000. Minimum GPA for these programs is 2.5
  • Semester or Year: These programs are geared to fifth semester or higher students. Students will attend a complete semester at a foreign university. There are a wide variety of courses to support your major or general education requirements. This is an excellent experience if you want to pursue a Fulbright scholarship or develop your language skills. Programs vary in cost based on a student’s in-state or out-of-state status. Minimum GPA is 2.5.
  • International Internships: There are both paid and unpaid opportunities to work for a foreign business.


We can help you get there!

There is a team at Penn State Behrend that will help you decide where to go and how to get there in the Learning Resource Center.

  • Visit the Study Abroad website and attend one of the Learning Resource Center’s Study Abroad Information Sessions.
  • Financial Aid / Scholarships may be available. 
  • Foreign language proficiency is not a requirement.


Study Abroad Student Testimonials

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