Lake Effect, Volume 21

Lake Effect, Volume 21

Lake Effect

Volume 21
Spring 2017

Cover of Lake Effect Vol. 21



Tina May Hall, The Extinction Museum: Exhibit #11
Mark Brazaitis, Celestino
Melissa Fraterrigo, Everyone Thinks You Turn to Soil
Alberto Alvaro Rios, Dr. Bartolomeo’s Cure
Wendell Mayo, Burn Barrel



Tony Hoagland, Soul Stirrers
Rosa Alice Branco, Piano Grand or Upright
Beckian Fritz Goldberg, Good Mystery
Norman Dubie, Zone
John Sibley Williams, Invented Forms
Angie Macri, Black Walnut Form
Stephen Dunn, Be Careful
Linda Taylor, Night Bugs
Christopher Buckley, Stars
Jonathan Greenhause, There is no tomorrow
Simon Perchik, *
Anna DiMartino, Sieve
Phoebe Reeves, The Poet Is Seen Praying to the Bread at the Grocery Store
Phoebe Reeves, The Poet Contemplates an Onion
Barbara Siegel Carlson, My Silence
Robert Gibb, Funeral Rites
Antonio Vallone, Syrup
Richard Merelman, A Career of the Senses
Christopher Howell, Knowledge
Kathy Fagan, Stride
Kathy Fagan, Heads
Nathan Landau, A Loss for Words
Nathan Landau, The Florist Confesses
Jackleen Holton, Hookway Bouquet
Dorothy Barresi, Poem for My Father
Ruy Belo, Portugal Sacred-Profane: Vila do Conde
Jennifer Newhouse, To Be Afraid
John Surowiecki, Seven Exploding Canaries
Jeff Gundy, “Nothing Is Level There”
John Gallaher, Scary Jesus
Jason Tandon, Directive
Jason Tandon, Dusk
Russell Evatt, I love you more than I love Texas
Russell Evatt, Aubade
David Clewell, The Kid Working Nights at the 7-Eleven
David Clewell, Better
David Clewell, Stories After Midnight



Kathryn Nuernberger, The Blue Sky, The Gray Woods
Kathryn Nuernberger, “And now brightness falls from the air”
Kathryn Nuernberger, The Gazelle
Joshua Bernstein, Black Earth
Deborah Guerra, Dear Beatrice
J. David Liss, The Fossilized Penis Bone of a Whale