Lake Effect, Volume 22

Lake Effect, Volume 22

Lake Effect

Volume 22
Spring 2018

Cover of Lake Effect Vol. 22



Brian Evenson, A Disappearance
Aimee Parkison, Lament in C Minor
Michael Czyzniejewski, Hazelton’s Mark
Mark Brazaitis, The Gun
Erin Pringle, In the Land of Mad Winters



Kristine Kaye Brown, Small Thanks
Ellene Glenn Moore, Photograph at the Bridge of Sighs in Winter
Philip Terman, On Reading Larry Levis’ The Darkening Trapeze: Last Poems
Lucas Pingel, The day the world ripped its rental agreement in half
Gary Fincke, After the Election, Traditional Forms
Philip Jason, Here’s what I think I would find if I found myself in hell
Jeff Ewing, When the Dead Walk in Dubuque
Owen McLeod, Flood
Joyce Schmid, Little Sister
Lola Haskins, Trajectory
Michael Boccardo, Edward Hopper’s Morning Sun, 1952
Baudelaire, The Two Good Sisters
John Sibley Williams, There Was No Heaven
John Sibley WilliamsReformation
John Sibley WilliamsThe Show
David Mohan, Votives
Peter Grandbois, There Is No Shepherd but Silence
Peter Grandbois, This Imagined World
Daniel Bourne, The Gleaner’s Song
Alice Friman, The Hike
David StarkeyThe Death of LBJ
Steve CoughlinEast Montana
Steve Coughlin, Born to Connect
Alexis Ivy, I Dream I’m at the Pig & Whistle
Eric Greinke & Alison Stone, Another Highway
Kat HayesThe Strip
Salgado Maranhao, Itapecuru
Clayton Adam Clark, Nonunion
George Kalamaras, Moth-Milk the Sound of Hounds
Jess Williard, Field Dress
Laura Ross, What the Dead Think of the Living
Jorge Martillo, Woman of Valdivia
Jona Colson, Among Panicles of Spent Flowers
Peter Cooley, Lament
Kerry James Evans, Sunrise



Marilyn Martin, The Sound of Grief
Paul Crenshaw, Adam and Eve
John Bradley, “You Moderns!”: William Carlos Williams Comes to Washington, D.C. to Deliver Spring and All as a Monologue/ Manifesto to a Group that Doesn’t Believe it’s 1923
Joel Coltharp, A Hole in the Fence
Kate McCorkle, Kickback, or Isaac’s Third Law
Christopher Santantasio, Sound Construction