Lake Effect, Volume 14

Lake Effect, Volume 14


Lake Effect, Spring 2010, Volume 14, Cover Photo

Spring 2010
Volume 14



Contributors and Samples:

Radu Andriescu
Jacob M. Appel
Drew Blanchard
Laurie Blauner
Karina Borowicz
John Bradley
Barbara Siegel Carlson
Noel Conneely
Chris Crocker
Jim Daniels
James Doyle
Gary Fincke   ---   The Paper Eater
Stephen Gibson
William Greenway   ---   ​The Birth of Flight
Jennifer Gresham
Peter Grimes   ---   ​A Bad Man, Speaking Poorly
Beth Gylys
Jenny Hanning
Richard Irvine
Lowell Jaeger
Betsy Johnson-Miller
Richard Lyons
Wendell Mayo
Trey Moody
Steve Myers
Brett Ortler   ---   What the Dead Tell Us About Heaven and Hell
Darlene Pagán
Frank Paino
Greg Pape
Aimee Parkison
Isaac Pressnell
Doug Ramspeck
Cherri Randall
Sharon Ross
Don Russ
Eric Schwerer
David Shumate
Judith Slater   ---   ​The Face Painter's Tale
Curtis Smith   ---   The Borders of Diane Arbus
Jeffrey Talmadge
Andrew Touhy
Gabriel Welsch
Karen J. Weyant
Patrick Whitfill


Editorial Staff


George Looney, Editor, photo

George Looney

Lake Effect, Spring 2010, Volume 14, Jessica Storm
Fiction Editor:
Jessica Storm

Lake Effect, Spring 2010, Volume 14, Fiction Editor, Danni Payer, Photo

Fiction Editor:
Danni Payer

Lake Effect, Spring 2010, Volume 14, Poetry Editor, Rachelle Bowser, Photo

Poetry Editor:
Rachelle Bowser

Lake Effect, Spring 2010, Volume 14, Aimee Pogson, Literary Nonfiction Editor, Aimee Pogson, Photo

Literary Nonfiction Editor:
Aimee Pogson

Consulting Editors: Tom Noyes, Eugene Cross, and Douglas Smith

Assistant Editors: Taylor Ackerman, Eric Botts, Ethan Brightbill, Aeriale Cooksey Kramer, Chris DeMarco, Emily Ginnona,
Teresa Guerrein, Will Lutton, Johnathan Moore, Patrick O'Loughlin, Tiffany Oakes, Sheldon Reid, Craig Sanders, and Kimberly Sniezek

Cover Artist: AJ Noyes
Cover Design: AJ Noyes
Technical Consultant: Diane Nowacinski

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